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Microsoft Games for Windows 7

The list of Microsoft games for Windows 7 is improving with the enhanced Windows gaming features in the latest Windows operating system from Microsoft. Microsoft introduced a list of new games for Windows 7 users especially who have been using Windows XP before Windows 7 including Purble Place, Mahjong Titans, etc.

I hope Microsoft will continue to its nice surprises in Windows 8 by adding new Windows games just as it did in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Windows users who have used Windows Vista before Windows 7 will realize that there is no new games for Microsoft Windows with Win7. Addition to this, one of the new Microsoft games in Windows Vista, Inkball game is left out of the default build-in games in Microsoft Windows.


Minesweeper is the classic Microsoft game for Windows. The old friend from the old old days of Microsoft Windows. Minesweeper game is perhaps the most known and played game by computer users. What is nice in Minesweeper game for Windows 7 is that it has one new additional layout. The flowers on the green grass layout is just the layout for your kids. Children will like to play Minesweeper with this new layout including flowers instead of mines.

Purble Place

Purble Place is one of the new Microsoft games for Windows introduced with Vista and Windows 7 games. Especially kids love to play Purble Place games which include a bakery game, a pair matching game and a MasterMind style logic game with lovely game characters Purbles. If you want your children to play entertaining and educational games suitable for their ages, you can start with Purble Place in Windows 7.

Mahjong Titans

Microsoft Mahjong Titans game is the Windows version of classic Mahjong game in Windows 7.

FreeCell Game

FreeCell is a card game which has been a classic game that has been in most of Microsoft Windows versions.


Hearts is also a Windows card game that has been in previous versions before Windows 7 as well. To win in Hearts Windows game, the player should try to avoid hearts to minimize his penalty points.


Solitaire is also one of the well-known Windows games and perhaps one of the most played ones. I know because my parents are also playing Solitaire :)

Spider Solitaire

Chess Titans

If you like playing chess, why not try to play against your computer as your opponent. Chess Titans is one of the games that I enjoy most in Windows 7 with its graphics and effects.

Purble Place

Play Purble Place on Windows 10
Purble Place on Windows 10

Windows 8 Purble Place
Download Purble Place
Baixar Purble Place
Purble Place Gratis
Telecharger Purble Place
Purble Place Gioco
скачать Purble Place
Purble Place indir

Purble Place Screenshot
Purble Place : Purble Shop
Purble Place : Purble Pairs

Match Purbles Game
Match Purbles Game

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