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Match Pairs Memory Game for Windows Phone 8

Match Pairs Memory game is on Windows Phone Store and it is a simple yet entertaining and educational game for all ages especially for preschoolers.

Pairing matches memory games are easy to play by matching pairs on the game board. Especially for the kids matching pairs games lead to increase in concentration and develop memory skills.

This matching pairs or pairing game is currently supporting three cultures English, German and Turkish. Right now the other Windows Phone owners running their WP8 smartphone on an other culture can play the game in English set as default. Actually the memory game is so simple to understand that the players will not need any instructions at all. Do not forget that this matching pairs memory game is designed as an educational game for kids.

Here are some screenshots from the Match Pairs Memory Game which is free on Windows Phone Store. Iy you own a Windows Phone running OS like WP8 or WP8.1 you can download and install the game from the Windows Phone App Market for free.

Install Match Pairs Memory Game from Windows Phone Store now!

Windows Phone memory game memory game for Windows Phones

Windows Phone matching pairs game for kids matching pairs memory game

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