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AWS Lambda Function Visual Studio
Create AWS Lambda Function to Connect Amazon Redshift with C-Sharp in Visual Studio
C# programmers can create serverless applications with AWS Lambda that can connect to Amazon Redshift database (based on PostgreSQL) by creating .NET Core 2.1 application using Visual Studio as shown in this programming tutorial
Visual Studio SAP HANA Connection
Connect to SAP HANA Database in C-Sharp or VB.NET Code using ODBC Connection
This programming tutorial demonstrates how Visual Studio application developers can create a SAP HANA database connection from a C-Sharp application or VB.NET application code using ODBC connection
IIS Output Caching
Disable Cache on Internet Information Services IIS for a Web Site
Web developers can configure IIS to cache web pages or disable output caching for a web site on Internet Information Services management console.
Bosch Product Taxonomy API with C-Sharp
Consume Product Taxonomy API for Segments in Visual Studio
This Visual Studio project shares C# codes for developer showing how to consume Bosch Product Taxonomy API to read list of segments by calling the Web API with WebRequest object and parse JSON response in SQL Server using OpenJSON()
REST API Methods for JIRA Issues in VB.NET
Rest API Search Method Call in VB.NET for JIRA Issues
In this .NET Framework tutorial, I want to show how Jira Integration can be done using REST API calls with HTTP WebRequest objects in a sample project. In short JIRA APIs are used to query Jira issues. Web service is called using HTPP GET method and JSON response of the API call will be fetched.
Windows Phone
80070020 Error while Downloading App from Windows Phone Market
I got 80070020 error while I try to download apps from Windows Phone marketplace on my Nokia Windows Phone also cannot update existing Windows Phone apps installed on my smartphone.
Visual Studio for Mac
Download and Install Visual Studio for Mac Free
Programmers can install Visual Studio for Mac to build applications for Android, Android TV, Android Wear, iOS, MacOS, tvOS, watchOS and ASP.NET and .NET Core This guide shows how to download and install free Visual Studio for Mac and Xcode for developers.
Test ASP.NET Web API using REST Client Tool
Test ASP.NET Web API Web Services using REST Console Chrome App
To test ASP.NET Web API application web services using a REST client, I chosed REST Console application on Chrome web browser. Since the Web API services are returning JSON data as response, I preferred Firefox or Chrome web browsers because of their support to JSON data to be displayed in a formatted way with in the browser page.
Visual Studio 2017
Visual Studio 2017 Installation
This Visual Studio guide shows step by step Visual Studio 2017 installation process for developers building different kinds of applications varying from desktop development to ASP.NET and web development on the cloud, mobile and game development using different tools and libraries like Xamarin, Node.js, Unity targeting different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows or Linux, etc.
Visual Studio 2017
Disable Visual Studio 2017 Experience Improvement Program
Visual Studio 2017 developers can disable Visual Studio Experience Improvement Program to collect data and report them by changing their VS EIP settings as shown in this guide.
Consume Web Service
Consume Web Service added as Service Reference in Visual Studio 2015
This Visual Studio tutorial shows how to add service reference for a web service and how to consume web service as service reference using VB.NET as shown in sample Windows Forms application project.
Prevent SQL Injection
Prevent SQL Injection using Parameterized Query in SQL Command
SQL Server database applications are vulnerable by SQL injection methods if SQL commands are build dynamically without parameterized SQLCommand is used. To prevent SQL injection, programmers should use parameterized SQL queries build by SQLCommand object and SQLParameter objects.
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Setup
How to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 is required for many software setup like SQL Server on Windows 10. Since there is not a full installer package Web installer package dotnetfx35setup.exe may fail to install successfully on virtual PC environment without internet connection.
Visual Studio 2015 Installation
How to Install Visual Studio 2015
This Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 installation guide shows how to install Visual Studio 2015 following the setup wizard of VS2015 Release Candidate Enterprise Edition for developers and IT professionals.
Visual Studio 2015 Download
Download Visual Studio 2015 Free
Microsoft provides Visual Studio 2015 download for free for trial purposes during the Release Candidate period as Community Preview free download and as free Entreprise Edition download forms.
Consume OData Service from SAP in Visual Studio LightSwitch Project
Consume SAP OData Service from Visual Studio 2013 LightSwitch Project
This Visual Studio tutorial shows how to consume OData service created in SAP system ABAP SEGW transaction using Visual Studio 2013 LightSwitch project template.
Consume OData Service from SAP in Visual Studio Project
InvalidMultiplicityOfPrincipalEnd Error During Consuming OData in Visual Studio 2013
InvalidMultiplicityOfPrincipalEnd error prevented LightSwitch application built by Visual Studio 2013 to consume OData service built by ABAP developer in SAP system.
Visual Studio IntelliSense Support for Javascript
Visual Studio 2013 JQuery Javascript IntelliSense Support
I download Visual Studio 2013 and install it on my development computer recently. I realized Visual Studio can not provide IntelliSense support for Javascript codes while I was working on an HTML5 web page where I reference to JQuery javascript library for script development on HTML5 page.
Send email via SMTP in Visual Studio C# and VB.NET
Send SMTP eMail using C# or VB.NET in Visual Studio 2012
Visual Studio developers can send free SMTP email within .NET applications using C-Sharp or VB.NET
In this Visual Studio tutorial, I'll share C# and VB.NET codes to send email using SMTP via free SMTP email service of mailgun
Visual Studio Download
Download Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate and VS2013 Express Editions Free
Microsoft provides Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate download for free for a trial period and three free editions of Visual Studio 2013 Express download (VS2013 Express for Web, for Windows and Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop editions)
Code Metrics Tools in Visual Studio 2013
Calculate Code Metrics Tools in Visual Studio 2013
Code metrics tool shipped with Visual Studio 2013 provides tools to calculate code metrics for Visual Studio programmers for software quality evaluation and assurance. To calculate code metrics for your projects in a Visual Studio solution will help you improve your software quality by guiding developers for minimizing code complexity and increasing code maintainability.
Website Monitoring Project in Visual Studio 2013
Website Monitoring Tool to Ping Website in Visual Studio 2013
The sample Visual Studio 2013 project with codes developed in C-Sharp will provide developers a simple website monitoring tool to ping website for its status. You can build your own website monitoring software using Visual Studio 2013 with the given C# codes in this Microsoft.NET tutorial.
Windows Phone 8 App Development
How to Create Flip Tile Programmatically in Windows Phone 8 App
Windows Phone app developers can use below C-Sharp code sample to create flip tile for their app pages programmatically. To create flip tile for your Windows Phone 8 app, app developer should create an instance of FlipTileData class and populate FlipTileData class properties like Title, BackTitle, BackContent, BackgroundImage, BackBackgroundImage, etc
Windows Phone 8 App Development
Building Time Management Tips App for Windows Phone 8
Time Management Tips app for Windows Phone 8 includes short quotes and time management principles for who want to increase his or her time management skills. I hope developers can find small Windows Phone app development tips to enrich their apps in this article.
Windows Phone 8 App Development Tutorial
Send SMS Message using SmsComposeTask in a Windows Phone 8 App
SmsComposeTask class is used to send SMS text messages from a Windows Phone 8 app by Windows Phone app developers. SmsComposeTask (SMS compose task) is one of Windows Phone Launchers and SmsComposeTask is used to launch Messaging app on user's Windows Phone smartphone.
Windows Phone 8 App Development Tutorial
How to Send Email using EmailComposeTask in Windows Phone 8 App
Windows Phone 8 app developers use EmailComposeTask to send email within a Windows Phone 8 app. EmailComposeTask (email compose task) is a Windows Phone 8 Launcher which launches email application on WP8 users smartphone with set values of email fields within app code
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
Set Image Source Property in Windows Phone App Project
If you are using Image control on your Windows Phone 8 app pages, you can set Image.Source property using ImageSourceConverter class and its ConvertFromString method as shown in this Visual Studio 2012 Windows Phone app programming tutorial
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
Add Class Library Reference to another Project in Visual Studio 2012 Solution
To add class library as a reference to an existing project in Visual Studio 2012 solution, Visual Studio programmers can use Reference Manager. If main project is a Windows Phone 8 app project then the class library must be a Windows Phone class library project
Windows Phone 8 App Development Tutorial
WebBrowserTask Windows Phone Launcher to Open Web Browser and Display URL
Windows Phone app programmers use WebBrowserTask Windows Phone 8 Launcher to open a web browser in Windows Phone 8 app to display an external URL. This Windows Phone 8 app development tutorial shows how to use HyperlinkButton control and WebBrowserTask to display web page in Internet Explorer 10.
Windows Phone 8 Development Tutorial
Deploy Windows Phone 8 App to Test Device within Visual Studio 2012
To deploy Windows Phone 8 app to a test device, I mean to a registered Windows Phone 8 smartphone app developers can use Visual Studio 2012. Deploying Windows Phone 8 app code to a real hardware device is as easy as testing and debugging your app on Windows Phone emulator
Windows Phone 8 Development Tutorial
Register Your Phone to Test Windows Phone 8 App Development
This Windows Phone 8 app development tutorial shows using Windows Phone Developer Registration tool and how to register your Windows Phone 8 smartphone as a testing and debugging device during your WP8 app development period.
Visual Studio 2012 Tutorial
Unblock Assembly File in Visual Studio 2012
This Visual Studio tutorial shows how to unblock assembly file which is downloaded from web or came from an other computer. If you open a such Visual Studio project, you will experience "Could not load the assembly file" error during building your project
Windows Phone 8 Development Tutorial
Windows Phone 8 App Development Tutorial - Quick Start
In this Windows Phone 8 development tutorial, we will work on a Windows Phone 8 app sample. Using this Windows Phone 8 sample project, Visual Studio developers will get used to Windows Phone project structure and main project files. I hope this sample Visual Studio 2012 project will help developers as a quick start Windows Phone 8 app development tutorial
HTML Validation in Visual Studio 2012
Display HTML Validation Errors in Visual Studio 2012
HTML Validation in Visual Studio 2012 can be customized for web development requirements and needs. If you do not use external HTML validator to validate HTML editing for your web page, the best place to identify HTML5 validation or CSS validation errors is the markup editor, your development IDE Visual Studio 2012
Install Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate Step by Step
Install Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate
This Visual Studio 2012 guide shows how to install Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate edition step by step. Microsoft .NET programmers and software developers can download Visual Studio 2012 free for trial purposes and use VS2012 during evaluation period for free
Free Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Download
Free Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Download
Microsoft released Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate (RC) for .NET Framework developers' preview during this beta period. If you're interested in to download and try new features introduced with Visual Studio 2012, please read this guide to download Visual Studio 2012 free.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Use Width and Height instead of Style in Visual Studio 2010
While adding a picture on design mode in Visual Studio 2010, VS automatically adds a style definition to define the width and height for the image tag. But we can configure Visual Studio 2010 HTML Designer options for style application mode.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2011 Download
Free Microsoft Visual Studio 2011 Download
Microsoft .NET developers can download Microsoft Visual Studio 2011 beta for trial before VS2011 RTM is release in following months.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Download
Microsoft released the first service pack for the .NET Framework development IDE Visual Studio 2010 on public release date 10 Mar 2011.
ASP.NET Programming
How to Calculate Number of Days in Month using ASP.NET
ASP.NET developers may need to calculate number of days in month for different reasons. DateTime.DaysInMonth public shared method can be used in order to calculate number of days in the given year month combination.
Microsoft WebMatrix
WebMatrix Download
A brand new tool WebMatrix download is available for developers creating web sites. Microsoft WebMatrix is a free web development tool for programmers.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Code Metrics
Visual Studio Code Metrics for VS2010
Visual Studio Code Metrics is a tool that .NET Framework developers can use to calculate code metrics for .NET projects and .NET codes. Visual Studio Code Metrics can be used as a command line as well as from the VS2010 IDE.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Download for Free
Try Visual Studio 2010 free for 90 days. Microsoft has released Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, the latest integrated development environment IDE for .NET Framework developers last week. First I get the Visual Studio 2010 download for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate edition from MSDN. I download the Visual Studio 2010 ISO file VS2010 Ultimate edition which includes Visual Studio 2010 full features. MSDN subscribers can also free download other VS2010 editions according to their requirements and needs.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Installation
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Installation Screenshots
This guide demonstrates step by step Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Installation screenshots illustrating the VS2010 setup process and Visual Studio 2010 requirements
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010)
Visual Studio 2010 is the latest integrated development environment (IDE) for Microsoft .NET Framework developers. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 release date was celebrated with VS2010 Launch Events in various dates all over the World. As a benefit to MSND subscribers, they were the first users of the RTM (released to manufacture) build of Visual Studio 2010. Before VS2010 takes its place on the market, MSDN subscribers were able to download and install Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Installation (VS2010 RC Release Candidate)
After latest version of Visual Studio 2010 download from Microsoft Downloads pages, Microsoft .NET Framework developers can install Visual Studio 2010 free Release Candidate version. The total Visual Studio 2010 download size of VS2010 Ultimate RC edition is 2257.1 MB. The extracted download files build the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ISO file for VS2010 installation.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
How to Uninstall Visual Studio 2010
If you install Visual Studio 2010 Beta versions or Microsoft VS2010 RC (Release Candidate) versions, you should uninstall Visual Studio 2010 previous releases before installing Visual Studio 2010 RTM versions. In this guide showing how to uninstall Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft .NET Framework programmers and framework developers will find screenshots in a step by step approach.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Download VS2010 RC Release Candidate
Microsoft .NET Framework developers can download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate (VS2010 RC) from Microsoft MSDN web site and Microsoft Downloads web site
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Download and VS2010 Installation Screenshots
How to install Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Beta 2 by downloading the installation .iso file from Microsoft. You can download free Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate during the Beta period of VS2010.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Screenshots After MS VS2010 Ultimate Installation
I want to share with you some screenshots of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Beta 2. It may be interesting because the GUI or the graphical user interface of the MS Visual Studio 2010 IDE has changed a lot when compared with the Visual Studio 2008 release. I do not think so much that the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 features will change a lot till the Visual Studio 2010 release date.
How to Unrar .RAR Files using VB.NET Extract Code
In this VB.NET UnRar tutorial, developers can find sample VB.NET extract code project which will unrar .rar files. This sample VB.NET extract code will show how to unrar .rar files and extract contents of the compress file to a folder on yur hard disk automatically. After reading this step-by-step guide vb.net developers can unzip or unrar multiple files located in a given file folder automatically using VB.NET codes given in the unrar example.
VB.NET File Rename - Rename File Extensions of Multiple Files from .CBR Files to .RAR Files
This VB.NET tutorial with sample VB.NET project will display how developers can code to rename a file extension and rename multiple files on a hard disk using VB.NET codes
VS2008 SP1
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Installation on Windows 7 - Installing VS2008 SP1
This Windows 7 tutorial is going to show how to install Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7 and installing VS 2008 SP1 on Windows 7
Using the iteration variable in a lambda expression may have unexpected results.
Using the iteration variable in a lambda expression may have unexpected results. Instead, create a local variable within the loop and assign it the value of iteration variable.
ASP.NET Ajax Toolkit
Using ASP.NET Ajax Toolkit AutoComplete Extender Control for Textbox in Sample Project
In this tutorial whose sample ASP.NET web site project is also available for free download, I'm trying to demonstrate the ASP.NET Autocomplete extender. The Autocomplete extender is using an ASP.NET web service "AutoCompleteWebServices" for populating data. And the web service is using the LINQ-to-SQL data classes to reach the data source SQL Server database.
How to add a connection string to the web.config file using WebConfigurationManager during run-time
It is now possible to add a dynamically build connection string to the configuration files especially to the web.config file during the run-time by using the WebConfigurationManager class. In this tutorial will use SqlConnectionStringBuilder class to build the connection strings easily without living the complexity of a connection string syntax. Also we wll see how we can keep the connection strings in an other configuration file rather keeping the connectionStrings in the web.config file. For this we will benefit from configSource attribute of the connectionStrings tag in the configuration file web.config.
How to Edit Title and Keywords in Community Server by using Response.Filter() Method
One of the most well known ASP.NET Forms and CMS application which can be freely used for web publishing is Community Server by Telligent. You will find a sample application which uses Response.Filter class to define different page titles and keywords for each page in Community Server application.
Visual Studio
Download Consolas Font Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and MS Visual Studio 2008
Microsoft has created and released a new font family Microsoft Consolas Font Family for the use of developers especially using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 as their development environment (IDE).
Configuring ASP.NET File Upload Security Permissions on Upload or Download Folders
It is a common application that web sites or web applications allow users to upload files to storage folders or file storage databases. But sometimes configuring security NTFS permissions for download or upload folders may be confusing and frustrating.
Visual Studio 2008
How to Configure Source Control for Visual Studio
Visual Studio family as a integrated development environmet is a great tool for developing applications by development teams. As every mature IDE tool, Visual Studio .NET 2003 or Visual Studio 2005 as well as the Orcas or the brand name Visual Studio 2008 supports integration with Source Control softwares.
.NET Framework
ArrayList Samples in .NET Framework Applications
In this tutorial you will find code samples where ArrayList methods and properties are used.
.NET Framework
Enumareting and Listing SQL Server Instances Within a Network with SqlDataSourceEnumerator class
Using SqlDataSourceEnumerator class in the System.Data.Sql namespace, it is easy for developers to enumerate and get a list of existing visible Microsoft SQL Server database instances within a network.
Conversion from string {0} to type 'Date' is not valid.
DateTime.TryParse gets a string parameter which displays string representation of datetime value. One other parameter that I supplied to DateTime.TryParse is the IFormatProvider object which represents DateTimeFormat of the related Culture. And the last important parameter is the datetime variable which DateTime.TryParse parses text value as datetime and stores in it.
File Upload and Save Submitted Files to SQL Server 2005, Sample ASP.NET Web Site Application
Sample web site application which web users can upload files of certain types into a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database by using the GUI designed for this purpose. Users may also select uploading the files to a web folder instead of saving the binary files into a database. In an other page of this web application, a list of uploaded and saved in SQL database files will be listed in a web page using a GridView ASP.NET object. In this list page by clicking a hyperlink over the listed file item, a new page will display the image or serve the requested file after reading it from the SQL 2005 database.
Maintain your scroll position on ASP.NET web pages with MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback
In ASP.NET pages by adding the MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback property as "true" to the Page tag, you can easily let your users keep their scroll positions on postbacks. By this property users can return to the same position in their client browsers after the postbacks of web pages.
Encrypting sensitive information stored in the web.config file
It is now possible to encrypt sections in a web.config configuration file by using DataProtectionConfigurationProvider and the ProtectSection method of the SectionInformation class.
.NET Framework
System.Uri Class properties and parse URL names
System.Uri class provides an object representation of a uniform resource identifier (URI) and provides easy access to the parts of the URI. A URI is actually represents any resource available in an intranet or internet environment. URI points to the location of the resource. By using the properties of the URI class, it is very easy to parse the URI into its sub-components.
Conditional Statements in VB.NET
Conditional statements If...Then...Else and Select...Case usage in Visual Basic.
Using the ASP.NET 2.0 Menu Control with Site Maps
Setting up the ASP.NET 2.0 new controls Menu control and Site Map web.sitemap as its datasource in a sample web page
How to use ReportViewer Control in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Using ReportViewer control in your Visual Studio projects, you can create web pages that can run and display Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services reports. In this article, you will find a sample asp.net code which illustrates how a SQL Reporting Services report can be displayed by using a ReportViewer control and how the report parameters is set.
VS.NET 2003
Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET™ 2003 Service Pack 1 is now available for Visual Studio Developers
Microsoft has announced Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET™ 2003 Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio Developers. The Service Pack 1 adds power to Visual Studio .Net 2003 especially during the debug and build processes. Memory consumption that occurs during debug and build processes has been well optimized. If your solution is big and containing many projects even opening a page in desing mode sometimes takes time for the developer. Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio .Net 2003 seems to correct such problems. Even sometimes during a build process the Visual Studio .Net 2003 IDE stops responding and then the process fails and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) closes without a notification. This bug or problem is corrected with the SP1 for VS.NET 2003. I have been using and testing the SP1 for a while and I'm very glad that the service pack is available for us.
Format Minute to Hours in VB.NET
Here is a sample VB.NET code which can be used to format a number of minutes into hours in two digits and minutes in two digits also.
ASP.NET, SortedList Object and sort order in DropDownList Controls
Ordering the key-value pairs may not be a problem unless you want to display the items in an alphabetic order in a dropdownlist asp.net control. You may update your stored procedure or select statement in order to get the items ordered as desired by using the order by clause. But if you have to sort your items within a hastable or a sortedlist object, you may find it helpful to see the samples.
HTML Export to Excel
In your many applications you might have needed a utility which will help the users to export data to Excel. For html export to excel, the key is using "application/vnd.ms-excel" for the content type of the response. In your asp or asp.net applications you may use the same methods
Localization Sample ASP.NET Web Application
In this article, I will try to summarize the steps to create a web site which uses resource files for different cultures using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (code name Whidbey). We will create the web site project, form the resource files for a few different cultures. And then we will prepare the code behind for sample aspx web pages which will use the localization resources.
Failed to initialize the AppDomain
Failed to initialize the AppDomain
Exception: System.IO.FileLoadException
Message: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. Access is denied.
Web Services
How to Test a Web Service from a Remote Machine by using HTTP POST and HTTP GET Protocols
If you have created a web service by using the asp.net web service project template in Visual Studio .NET 2003 you are able to test your web service on the localhost by browsing the web service url. But a remote machine can not display or see the Invoke button for testing a web service function or an operation you have developed on hosting on your computer. If you call the address of the web service method, the test form will not be displayed by default.
The message the remote computer will see or get will be as
"The test form is only available for requests from the local machine."
How to check that a unique instance of a process is running
Some processes requires to run as only one instance at the same time to run successfully. So if the application is called for twice, the second one should check whether it is the only one instance of the process or is it the unique process of an application.
How to Read and Write From Registry Key Values using .Net
If you need to deal with system registry within your application, you should use Microsoft.Win32 namespace in your .Net project. Since Microsoft.Win32 namespace provides the necessary classes and methods that enables us to manipulate the system registry. This article shows the details of registry reading and editing by using VB.NET with sample codes and a sample application.
VS.NET 2003
Visual Studio .NET 2003 Macros - Microsoft Visual Studio Macros 7.1 ve DTE
Visual Basic 2005 Integrated Development Environment (VB IDE) ile gelen yeniliklerden birisi de IntelliSense Code Snippets ve Code Snippets Manager.
Yaklaşık 500 kadar önceden hazırlanmış kod parçası barındıran IntelliSense Code Snippets developer'lar için tekrarlanan kodları yazmak açısından büyük zaman kazandıracağı gibi temel fonksiyonları barındırması ile de en çok kullanılan kod parçaları kolayca yazdığımız kod içine dahil edebileceğiz.
Peki Visual Studio .NET 2003 (VS.NET 2003) benzer bir özelliği barındırmıyor muydu?
Visual Studio .NET 2003 içinde yer alan Macro Explorer 'dan haberdar mıydınız? Macro Explorer hazır pek çok fonksiyonun VS.NET 2003 içinde olduğunu görebilirsiniz. Aynı zamanda bu makroları güncelleyebilir isterseniz yenilerini de ekleyebilirsiniz.
ASP.NET Forums
Ücretli veya ücretsiz olarak indirip sitenizde kullanabileceğiniz Asp.Net teknolojisi ile geliştirilmiş forum uygulamaları hakkında kısaca bilgi vermesi için bazı bilgiler aktarmaya çalışacağım.
Windows Application
ListView ve FolderBrowserDialog Kontrolleri ile bir dizindeki dosyaları listelemek
Bu yazıda bir dizinde yeralan dosyaları ListView kontrolü içinde listelemek ve bu liste üzerinde seçilen bir dosyanın çift tıklayarak çalıştırılması örneğinden bahsedeceğim. Amaç kullanıcının dilediği bir dizini browse ederek seçebilmesi ve seçimin tamamlanmasının ardından bir ListView Windows Forms kontrolü içerisinde seçilmiş dizin içindeki dosyaların listelenmesidir. Dilerse kullanıcı ListView içinde listelenmiş dosyalardan birisini seçerek üzerinde çift tıklamak yoluyla o dosyayı açabilme şansına sahiptir.
ASP.NET Controls
ASP.NET CheckBoxList Kontrolü
Eğer sayfanızda kullanıcıların birden fazla seçim yaparak yanıtlayabilecekleri seçimli sorular soruyorsanız CheckBoxList kontrolünü kullanabilirsiniz.
CheckBoxList kontrolünü pek çok CheckBox kontrolü içeren bir dizi gibi de düşünebilirsiniz.CheckBoxList kontrolü bir Items koleksiyonuna sahiptir. Items koleksiyonundaki herbir değer bir form üzerindeki bir CheckBox'a karşılık gelmektedir.
ASP.NET ile Mail Göndermek
Çoğu web uygulaması için artık kullanıcıları ile email aracılığıyla iletişimde bulunmak kaçınılmazdır. Neyse ki artık Asp.NET ile mail göndermek çok kolay.
System.Web.Mail namespace (uzayadı) 'nın sağladığı sınıf ve objeler ile bir email oluşturabilir, istediğiniz özelliklerini düzenleyebilir, mailinize dosya ekleyebilir ve bir SMTP server üzerinden mailinizi alıcılarına gönderebilirsiniz.
System.Web.Mail namespace (uzayadı) CDOSYS (Collaboration Data Objects for Windows 2000) bileşenini kullanarak email gönderilmesini sağlar.
Mobile Web Applications
Building Mobile Web Applications with .NET Mobile Web SDK & ASP.NET
Mobile Web Applications ile ilgili başlangıç seviyesinde güzel bir yazı.
Temel alınan yapıları özetlemesi açısından da güzel. Ayrıca basit bir örnek ve kaynaklara linkler de bulabileceksiniz.
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