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AWS Amazon Web Services and Public Cloud Computing Platform Services

This section includes AWS aka Amazon Web Services tutorials, articles, sample codes and other resources for Public Cloud Computing Services consumers and users. Cloud users can find tutorials on cloud services not only for Amazon Web Services AWS but also for other Cloud Computing Services companies and their cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Yandex, Croc, Huawei, IBM, Oracle Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc.

List of articles and resources in the AWS tutorials section

Find DocumentDB Instance Identifier using AWS Lambda Function Python Code

Amazon CloudWatch Alarm failed to execute Action and invoke AWS Lambda Function

Configure IAM Credentials on Cloud9 instead of AWS Managed Temporary Credentials

Install Terraform on Windows

Connect Amazon DocumentDB from AWS Lambda Function using Python

Create Lambda Layer for PyMongo To Connect DocumentDB using Python

Local DynamoDB Installation and AWS CLI Commands for DynamoDB

Create DynamoDB Table using Python Code

Create Named Profile and Display List of PreConfigured Profiles using AWS CLI

Identify AWS Account and IAM User You Are Working using CLI Tool

Attach Policy to IAM Role using AWS CLI Command

Amazon Redshift SQL Notebooks

How to Execute Spring Vulnerability Scanner on AWS Linux AMI

AWS Glue Job with SAP HANA Database Connection

Connect Amazon Redshift Database using PostgreSQL Connector on Knime Workflow

AWS Lambda Function as Amazon DynamoDB Stream Trigger with Python Code

Enable Amazon Detective Service on AWS Management Console

Connect AWS EC2 Instance using Session Manager

Enable Access to Amazon Redshift in Private Subnet from Internet

S3 Browser Tool for Accessing and Managing Amazon S3 Buckets

Send SNS Notification from AWS Lambda using Python

Lambda Function Optimization for Performance and Cost

Create EBS Volume Snapshots by Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager

Amazon Redshift Database connection limit "498" exceeded for non-superusers

Redeem AWS Credits using AWS Management Console Billing and Cost Management Dashboard

Delete Amazon AMI Image using AWS Management Console and AWS CLI Commands

Redshift Database SQL Query for Users with Specific Table Permissions

Split String Delimited Data on Amazon Redshift Database using SQL

Redshift Database JSON Parse Sample SQL Query

Concatenate String Values on Amazon Redshift using ListAgg Function

Display Amazon Redshift Database Table Columns List using SQL

Redshift Database - Too much content are deleted during executing alter distkey command

Delete Log Files from Amazon S3 Bucket using Scheduled AWS Lambda Function

AWS Glue Permissions required for Amazon Redshift Spectrum Table Creation

SQL Error on Amazon Redshift Database during Drop Table Command Execution

Export List of All Lambda Functions using Management Console

Remove Public Access Permission from Amazon S3 Bucket Objects

Databases and RDS Notes for AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam

AWS System Manager Service Software Inventory Setup

Delete Duplicate Rows from Amazon Redshift Database Table using SQL

Pause Amazon Redshift Cluster on AWS Management Console for Cost Saving

Export SQL Server Data as CSV Files and Migrate to Amazon S3 Bucket using AWS CLI

Execute AWS CLI Command using xp_cmdshell on SQL Server Database

Connect Pivotal Greenplum Data Warehouse to SAP HANA Database using PXF

Connect to Exasol Database from Greenplum using PXF Extension Framework

SQL Query for Table Row Counts on Amazon Redshift Database

Encrypt and Decrypt AWS Lambda Function Environment Variables using Python

Import Corona Virus Data into Amazon Redshift Database

Upload File to Amazon S3 Bucket using AWS CLI Command Line Interface

Connect AWS S3 Bucket Files from Denodo Virtualization Platform

Connect SQL Server Database from Pivotal Greenplum using PXF

Check Pivotal Greenplum Database Version

Frequently used Linux Commands during AWS Operations

AWS: Suspend Auto-Scaling Group Processes and Disable Auto Scaling

Install Pivotal Greenplum MPP Data Warehouse on Amazon AWS Cloud

Connect Amazon S3 from Data Virtuality Studio using S3 Connector

Connect Salesforce from Data Virtuality Studio using Salesforce Connector

Configure Google Search Console Connector on Data Virtuality

List Schemas created in Amazon Redshift Database

AWS Developer Tools for Cloud Programmers

SQL CASE Statement in Data Virtuality Query

SQL While Statement in Data Virtuality Query Code

Data Virtuality SQL Date and Time Functions

Create Dynamic Procedure on Data Virtuality Returning Table Row Count

Schedule AWS Lambda Function for Periodic Execution or Scheduled Lambda Functions

Amazon Firehose Kinesis Streaming Data Visualization with Kibana and ElasticSearch

Connect to Amazon Redshift using DBeaver Database Management Tool

Data Virtuality File Connector and Query CSV File Data

Create Sample Database on Amazon Redshift Cluster with Sample Data

Load Data from Compressed Text File into Amazon Redshift with COPY Command

Connect Data Virtuality to Amazon Redshift Database

Connect SQL Server on Data Virtuality Studio

SQL Query to List All Amazon Redshift Databases on a Cluster

What Is Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse?

Create External Table in Amazon Athena Database to Query Amazon S3 Text Files

Stored Procedures on Amazon Redshift: unterminated dollar-quoted string at or near "$$

Copy Command Errors: Import Data to Amazon Redshift from CSV Files in S3 Bucket

AWS Schema Conversion Tool SCT fails to Convert Table DDL from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift Database Error: seed value for an identity out of range

Insert Data from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift Database Table using Copy Command

How to Display Data Virtuality License Details

Extend Data Virtuality License Applying New License File

SQL Error: Specified types or functions not supported on Redshift tables

Connect to Amazon Redshift from SQL Server using Linked Server with ODBC Data Source

Connect Amazon Redshift from SQL Workbench using JDBC Driver

Create AWS Lambda Function to Connect Amazon Redshift with C-Sharp in Visual Studio

Starting with Amazon Redshift Cluster for SQL Database Developer

Amazon Tranlate Service with AWS API Gateway and Python Lambda Function

AWS CLI Installation and Configuration on Windows

List AWS S3 Buckets using C-Sharp on Visual Studio

All AWS S3 Buckets List using Lambda Function with Python

AWS Lambda Function in Python to List EC2 Instances as Text File on Amazon S3 Bucket

List All Amazon EC2 Instances from All Regions using GUI

Serverless Lambda Function using AWS Polly and Amazon S3 Services for Text-to-Speech Solution

Parse JSON Response of Amazon Transcribe Service using OpenJSON on SQL Server

AWS Region Names and Codes for Programmatic Access

Enable AWS IAM Users Access to Billing Information

Activate MFA Multi-Factor Authentication on Amazon Web Services AWS for Root Account and IAM users


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