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Download Visual Studio 2015 Free

Microsoft provides Visual Studio 2015 download for free for trial purposes during the Release Candidate period as Community Preview free download and as free Entreprise Edition download forms

As well as software developers, test engineers can also download free Visual Studio 2015 Preview Release Candidate editions for a free use of 90 days period.

download Visual Studio 2015 free
Free Visual Studio 2015 download for developers and IT professionals

If you want to download free Release Candidate version in different editions as a Microsoft .NET developer, please download Visual Studio 2015 free from Visual Studio Portal at https://www.visualstudio.com.

Visual Studio portal provides different download and installation options for Visual Studio 2015 editions like Visual Studio Community 2015 RC or Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 RC. Developers can also choose to install Visual Studio 2015 from web using the Web installer or download installation disc in .ISO image (vs2015.rc_com_enu.iso for Visual Studio 2015 Community RC English)

Currently, for the free download Visual Studio 2015 editions following languages are provided: German, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian and Russian, etc.

Visual Studio 2015 Editions

Released Visual Studio 2015 editions free for download:
Visual Studio Community 2015 RC
Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 RC
Visual Studio Professional 2015 RC
Visual Studio Test Professional 2015
Visual Studio Express 2015 RC for Desktop
Visual Studio Express 2015 RC for Web
Visual Studio Express 2015 RC for Windows 10

Download Visual Studio 2015 Community Free RC Edition

If you are a developer and providing solutions for non-enterprise applications, you can free download Visual Studio 2015 Community and install this full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE). VS2015 Community edition enables developers to build cross-platform mobile applications for Windows, Android, and iOS.
Download size of vs2015.rc_com_enu.iso setup file for VS2015 Community Edition is about 3,56 GB

Visual Studio 2015

Download Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Free RC Edition

Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition size is approximately 3.71 GB

Visual Studio 2015

After developers download Visual Studio 2015, they can refer to Visual Studio 2015 Installation guide for a step by step setup guide before running VS2015 setup.

Visual Studio

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