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Windows 8 Tools, Applications and Tutorials for Windows Users

Microsoft Windows 8

After the first available download Windows 8 version for developers, this section is prepared for including Microsoft Windows 8 tutorials, how-to documents and guides for Windows users.

On the 29th of February, 2012 Microsoft released Windows 8 Consumer Preview after previous release Windows Developer Preview. Today the most recent Windows 8 Build which is available for public download is Windows 8 Enterprise Edition (RTM build for evaluation purposes).

Below is a short list of guides and tutorials related with the Microsoft Windows 8 Windows RTM release and Windows 8 Consumer Preview version.

If you are a Windows 8 tablet user, you may want to check our reviews for Microsoft Surface tablet and for Samsung Series 7 Slate tablet. Besides these two tablet PCs, you can think Asus Taichi Windows 8 ultrabook as an alternative which can be used as a Windows 8 tablet with its dual displays.

After the first Windows Phone 8 smartphones are available in the market, I've started building my Windows 8 phones tips and tricks on Nokia Lumia 920. You can find tutorials and how-to guides for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 too in this section.

Microsoft Windows 8 Windows Developer Preview release
New Windows 8 logo

First of all, the final RTM version Microsoft Windows 8 release date is 26th of October 2012.
But till that time IT professionals, Windows developers or Windows users who want to try the Windows 8 RTM build can download Windows 8 free from the following link: Microsoft Windows 8 Download
Free Windows 8 download will enable you try Windows 8 Enterprise edition for a 90 days period.

After you download Windows 8 and complete Windows 8 installation users can find detailed useful information in the following Windows tutorials and guides.

Perhaps you can also read my learning Windows 8 diary, day by day notes on getting used to Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft Windows 8 Tutorials, How-to documents, Tips and Tricks

How to Shutdown Windows 8 using Alt+F4 Shortcut
Change Windows Phone 8 Default Search Provider
Download Windows Phone SDK 8 for Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Phone Emulator
Add Search Providers like Google Search Provider to Internet Explorer 10 IE10
Enable and Configure Kid's Corner on Windows Phone 8 Smartphones
How to Change Windows Phone 8 Broadcast Name
How to Change Windows Phone 8 Device Name
Download Windows Phone App for Windows 8
Windows Phone 8 App Development: A Quick Start Guide
Search for an App on Windows 8 App Store
Reinstall App Store for whom Removed Windows App Store
Create Picture Password for Windows 8 User
How to Close Windows 8 App
Group and Name Windows 8 Tiles on Start Screen
Windows 8 Installation Stuck at Getting Devices Ready
Rate Windows 8 Performance using Windows Experience Index
Windows 8 File Explorer aka Windows 8 Explorer
Pin Program to Taskbar using Windows 8 Pin to Taskbar option
How to Change Windows 8 Language
Windows 8 HD Wallpapers
How to Shutdown Windows 8
Windows 8 App Development using Visual Studio 11 Express
How to Install Windows 8 (Windows Consumer Preview)
Install Windows 8 on Virtual Machine Oracle Virtual Box Configuration
Windows 8 installation (Windows Developer Preview)
Windows 8 Screenshots
Windows 8 Product Key to for Windows Consumer Preview Setup
Windows 8 Installation Compatibility Advisor Report
Tweet@rama Windows 8 Application for Twitter
Microsoft Windows 8 Activation using Desktop Control Panel
Windows 8 Product Key to Reinstall Windows 8
Change Screen Resolution in Windows 8 for Metro-Style Applications
How to Install Windows 8 - Installation Screenshots
New Windows Task Manager in Windows 8
Windows 8 Startup Repair with System Restore
How to Change Windows 8 User Account Picture
Windows 8 Tips and Tricks
Windows 8 Setup Error: HAL_INITIALIZATION FAILED. Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn�t handle, and now it needs to restart.
Windows 8 Games
Windows 8 with Windows 8 Xtreme

Windows 8

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