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Touch Screen Monitors and Windows TouchScreen Software for Windows Users

TouchScreen Games for Windows 7

With the new multi touch screen features of Windows 7 operating system introduced for Windows users, just as many new touchscreen applications multi-touch games are released for Windows 7 users.

In this article I would like to talk about touchscreen games for Windows 7.
You know Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 includes free touchscreen games for Windows users.
I will start listing the games with Touch Pack free touch screen games, Garden Pond, Blackboard and Rebound.

If you did not yet Download Touch Pack for Windows 7, please visit the article on Touch Pack download and get your Windows7 multitouch applications.
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Microsoft Garden Pond

Microsoft Garden Pond is a touchscreen game for Windows 7 users that comes with the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7.
Windows gamers have limited time for each game. They have to complete each level in the game within the given time limits.
Gamers have to move the origami pieces around the garden pond through various obstacles.
Please read the article How to Play Microsoft Garden Pond TouchScreen Game for Windows 7 for more information about this multi touchscreen game and how to play it.

Microsoft Blackboard

Another Microsoft Windows 7 Touch Pack game is Microsoft Blackboard. This multitouch game is a physics puzzle game where you create a mechanical machine on the blackboard. Windows 7 users will use gears, fans, seesaws and other objects to move ballons and balls to light bulb for the solution of the puzzle.
Multitouch players can move parts of machine pieces using their fingertips on the blackboard for completing the solution.
It is possible to resize the machine parts using your fingers gestures.
Please read game guide How to Play Microsoft Blackboard TouchScreen Game for Windows 7 for more detail on this multitouch screen game for Windows 7.

Microsoft Rebound

Microsoft Rebound is one of the multi touch screen games in Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7. In Microsoft Rebound multitouch game, Windows gamers try to move linked Tesla balls to score a goal against opponents in a limited time period. Multi touch game players can use their fingertips to move the Tesla balls in the field.
For playing instructions and tips and tricks, please refer to game guide How to Play Microsoft Rebound Touchscreen Game for Windows 7 multitouch game.

Windows 7 touch screen games are not limited with the above multi-touch games of course.
HP Multi-Touch computers (all-in-one computers) have a set of Windows 7 touch screen games and touch screen applications distributed with their PCs only.
I see Asus has a similar package of touch applications compatible with Windows 7 multi touch features.
Please send me a private message (my user name is eralper) if you want to add a touch screen game to the list here in this page.

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