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How to Change Appearance and Minesweeper Game Style for Children

Windows Minesweeper game players can change appearance of the Minesweeper game using game styles.
In Windows 7 using Minesweeper game styles, you can change a ground with full of mines into a garden with grass and flowers.

Windows Minesweeper game for children with flowers garden

I believe, kids will love playing on a more lovely game background like flowers on the green grass rather than a ground with mines.

Windows 7 Minesweeper game animation

In order to change the Minesweeper game style, open Game menu on top and then select Change Appearance F7 menu item.
Or you can even use the Minesweeper short-cut F7 to display the Change Appearance screen of the Windows 7 Minesweeper game.

change appearance of Windows Minesweeper game

Then the following "Change Appearance" screen will be displayed.

Windows Minesweeper game style change screen

You have several configuration options that will affect the game leisure and layout of the game on this screen.

First, Minesweeper game players can change the game style.
There are two options for Windows 7 Minesweeper game players right now.
Minesweeper and Flower Garden.
I strongly suggest parents who want to introduce Minesweeper to their children.

Windows games Minesweeper flower garden in Windows7 or Windows games Minesweeper style for Windows7

The other option which is configurable is the Minesweeper game board layout.
Here actually players can change the colors of the game board.
The available colors for Minesweeper players in Windows 7 are : Silver and Blue (default) and Green.
Both game board colors are very lively.

Windows 7 Minesweeper game style for kidsdefault Windows 7 Minesweeper game style

One last comment for making children love Windows Minesweeper game or Windows Flower Garden game is to enable animations and play sounds.
You will find these configuration options on the Game menu, Options sub-menu item.
You can also use the Minesweeper short-cut F5 for Options screen.
Be sure that Display animations and Play sounds are marked.
Of course, the difficulty level should be set as Beginner level with 10 mines in a 9x9 tile grid.

Windows Minesweeper game options for children in Windows7

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