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Game Inkball Download for Windows XP and Windows 7

Inkball game is a new Windows Vista game introduced to Windows gamers by Microsoft.
Many Windows Vista users like to play the game Inkball on their new Windows Vista computers.

On the other hand, if you do not have a Windows Vista OS you may ask : "Where can I find free Inkball game download for my Windows XP computer?"
Or you may request for inkball download from Gaming sites, etc.

And what is more interesting for Windows 7 users, the new operating system Windows 7 does not include the Inkball game in its Windows games package.
And for Windows 7 gamers used to play Inkball game and enjoy playing Inkball complain the lack of game on Windows 7.
Unfortunately Inkball game is one of the features removed from Windows 7 operating system.
If you are a Windows 7 user, you might be searching the answer of the following question : "Where can I find free Inkball game download for my Windows 7 computer?"
Or "Where is the inkball download for Windows 7?"

I actually request and wait from Microsoft to include the Inkball game into Windows 7 in the closest Windows 7 Service Pack or as a separate downloadable game package for Windows 7.
I have friends asking me to download inkball game for their Windows 7 computers.

Inkball Download

Windows XP users can download the Inkball game download from Thomas Teuber's site.
You can also download the Windows Vista Inkball game download from my website as a mirror. Please scan the downloaded files before installing against an unwanted vulnerability issue.
So please note that it's your own risk to download Inkball and play inkball from these web sites.

The Inkball executable file inkball.exe will directly work on Windows XP computers.
After you download inkball just double click and start playing Inkball on your Windows XP pc.

free inkball game download

For Windows 7 users who want to play Inkball game, they should download the Vista Inkball download from the same free Inkball download links and configure the Inkball application compatibility to Vista.
Then the game will run successfully as it is a Windows Vista compatible game.

Here is the steps to configure Windows Vista game Inkball to work on Windows 7 computers :
Open the context menu by a right click on the Inkball icon.
Select Properties menu option on the Inkball context menu.
Go to Compatibility tab.
Under compatibility section, Make sure you marked the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" checkbox.
Select the "Microsoft Windows Vista" operating system option from the compatibility modes dropdown list box.
Click on Apply button.

For more help on Compatibility option settings please refer to guide from Microsoft.

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