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DOWNLOAD Microsoft Windows 10 free Preview, the most recent Windows build is available for public free download and trial from Microsoft Insider
For free Windows 10 download visit Microsoft Windows 10 Download

download Windows 10 free preview

Microsoft released the free public available SQL Server 2014 download on 1st of April, 2014 as promised before. SQL Server database administrators, SQL developers and BI professionals can download SQL Server 2014 free trial and evaluation edition from Microsoft TechNet.
I encourage SQL Server database professionals especially SQL programmers and database administrators to download SQL Server 2014 free for evaluation purposes and experience the new in-memory computing features of new SQL Server 2014 database engine aka Hekaton.

download SQL Server 2014 free trial version

Download Windows 8.1 Preview. Microsoft released the first public preview release of Windows 8.1 after Windows 8 RTM release.

DOWNLOAD Microsoft Windows 8 RTM Build, the latest and final Windows 8 release available for public download and trial
For Windows 8 download please refer to Microsoft Windows 8 Download (Windows 8 Enterprise Edition Evaluation version)

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Download is released for VS2012 RTM version which is the final version for professional users and for market.
Here is links for Visual Studio 2012 download files for free trial.
And read our install Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate guide to have an idea about Visual Studio 2012 setup process.

download Visual Studio 2012 free for trial

SQL Server 2012 download is available for RTM version.
SQL Server data professionals can free download SQL Server 2012 for evaluation using links at Download SQL Server 2012 URL.

download SQL Server 2012 RTM for free evaluation

What is new in SQL Server 2012 ?
 tutorials How to Restore Database from Backup File in SQL Server 2012

  What is SQL Server Express LocalDB introduced with SQL Server 2012

  What is New in SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 with CTP3

  Last_Value SQL Analytic Function in SQL Server 2012 T-SQL

  Calculate SQL Last Day of Month using End of Month EOMonth() Function in SQL Server 2012

  Download Sample Database AdventureWorks for SQL Server 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 Download and Windows 8 Tools
  How to Shutdown Windows 8 using Alt+F4 Shortcut

  Create Picture Password for Windows 8 User

  How to Close Windows 8 App

  Pin Program to Taskbar in Windows 8

  Windows 8 App Development using Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows 8

 tutorials How to Install Windows 8 on Virtual Machine with screenshots

 tutorials Windows 8 Installation Compatibility Advisor Report

  Activate Windows 8

Free Download Tools and Software
 downloads Download Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate and VS2013 Express Editions Free

 downloads Download Microsoft Visio 2013 Trial

 downloads Free Microsoft Project 2013 Download Trial Edition

 downloads Free Microsoft Office 2013 Download

 downloads Free Windows 7 Trial Download - Download Windows 7 Enterprise Edition 90 Days Trial Version

 downloads Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Download and VS2010 Installation Screenshots

 downloads Microsoft Project 2010 Download Free Trial

 downloads Download ePub Reader for Windows for Free

Popular Articles, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks
  Windows 7 Activation - This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine

  How to Activate Windows 7 Manually - Windows 7 Activation Steps

  Reporting Services Client-Side Printing and Silent Deployment of RSClientPrint.cab ActiveX file

  How to Kill All Processes That Have Open Connection in a SQL Server Database

PMP Project Management Professional Certification Preparation
  PMP Exam Tips: Activity Dependency Types

  Free PMP Exam Questions based on PMBOK 5th Edition

  PERT Estimation (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) for Project Management

  Four Values in PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

  Group Decision Making Techniques for Project Managers

  Project Management PMP Certification Exam Tips

  Project Management Knowledge Areas according to PMI

  Project Management Conflict Resolving Techniques

  Ishikawa Diagram (Cause and Effect, Fish-bone diagram)

Recent Articles, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks
 tutorials ABAP Code Inspector Check Variants for HANA Migration Optimization

 tutorials Change Default File Locations for Microsoft Office Documents

 tutorials Create Transaction Code for Web Dynpro Application

 tutorials Transport Variants of an ABAP Program into Workbench Request

 tutorials Connect SAP from Eclipse using ABAP Project

 tutorials Prevent DYNPRO_SEND_IN_BACKGROUND Error in Background Process

 tutorials Enable Resource Governor on SQL Server 2014

 tutorials Get Table Column Names List in SQL Server by Code

 tutorials SQL Server Data Tools Installation for BI Development on Visual Studio

 tutorials Delete Thumbnail Cache thumbcache Files on Windows 7

 tutorials SAP VKM3 to Release Sales Order from Credit Block

 tutorials ABAP Debugging using Log Point and Break Point

 tutorials Compress Table Data using Data Compression Tool or SQL Scripts in SQL Server 2014

 tutorials Read Text Symbols in Specific Language using ABAP RS_TEXTPOOL_READ

 tutorials Update Database Table Data using ABAP SE16N_INTERFACE

 tutorials Unlock Objects Locked in Request or Task using Transport Organizer Tools

 tutorials Create Business Object using SWO1 Business Object Builder

 tutorials Find Web Dynpro Class Name to Search in ABAP Code

 tutorials SAP Web Dynpro File Upload using GOS cl_fitv_gos Class

 tutorials Print SAP Outputs From Two Printers at the Same Time

 tutorials Adobe Forms Table Header is Missing After Second Page

 tutorials Add Button to ALV Table Header on SAP Web Dynpro

 tutorials Smartform Runtime Error CX_SY_CONVERSION_NO_NUMBER

 tutorials Drop failed for ResourcePool: Remove all bindings

 tutorials Download SQL Server 2014 Sample Database AdventureWorks2014

 tutorials Display and Download Adobe Form as PDF File in SAP Web Dynpro

 tutorials Windows 10 Screenshots

 tutorials Windows 10 Setup Error 0x0000005D on Virtual Box

 tutorials SAP NetWeaver Gateway Productivity Accelerator for Microsoft

 tutorials Sort Array in Random Order using Javascript Shuffle Function

 tutorials How to Change Adobe Form Page Orientation Portrait or Landscape

 tutorials Visual Studio 2013 JQuery Javascript IntelliSense Support

 tutorials Create SAP Transaction to Maintain ABAP Table using SM30

 tutorials SAP Workflow error: You are not one of the possible agents of task WSxxxxx

 tutorials Convert Units in Adobe Form Layout Ruler and Length Measurements

 tutorials Display Adobe Form in SAP Web Dynpro

 tutorials Adobe Form Interface Reference Field for Currency and Quantity

 tutorials Read Checkbox Value in Web Dynpro Editable ALV

 tutorials Trigger ALV Events in Web Dynpro Component

 tutorials Remove ALV Buttons on SAP Web Dynpro Component

 tutorials Delete All Data from SAP Database Table

 tutorials Traffic Lights in SAP Web Dynpro ALV Table

 tutorials Set Page Title in Web Dynpro Application

 tutorials Create Search Help in ABAP for Web Dynpro Component

 tutorials Convert the table using the Database Utility (SE14)

 tutorials Primary key change not permitted for value table

 tutorials SAP Web Dynpro ALV Tutorial

 tutorials SAP Web Dynpro Service Cannot be Reached Error

 tutorials Execute ABAP Program in Background Task in SAP

 tutorials SQL Server 2014 Buffer Pool Extension

 tutorials SQL Password Generator to Create Random Password

 tutorials SQL Server Export Query Results to Excel with Column Names

 tutorials Run Output Determination again for Billing Documents to create missing Outputs

 tutorials ABAP LOOP Statement with At New and At End

 tutorials Delete Entries in NAST Table using RSCLNAST ABAP Program

 tutorials Execute ABAP Program Automatically After Transport Request Import

 tutorials SAP UI5 Themes List

 tutorials Send SMTP eMail using C# or VB.NET in Visual Studio 2012

 tutorials ScanPST and ScanOST Office Outlook Repair Tool

 tutorials Calculate Date in ABAP using Function Module RP_CALC_DATE_IN_INTERVAL

 tutorials How to find string length in ABAP using STRLEN function

 tutorials SQL Server Dedicated Administrator Connection DAC Tool for Database Administrators

 tutorials Use SQL to Find Missing Numbers and Gaps in Sequence of Numbers like Identity Column

 tutorials Search and Find SAP Transaction Code using SE93 or SEARCH_SAP_MENU

 tutorials Calculate Code Metrics Tools in Visual Studio 2013

 tutorials Create In-Memory Database in SQL Server 2014

 tutorials Nullable columns in the index key are not supported with indexes on memory optimized tables

 tutorials Use Windows Task Scheduler for Website Monitoring

 tutorials Website Monitoring Tool to Ping Website in Visual Studio 2013

 tutorials Display Data in Multiple Columns using SQL

 tutorials Split String Into Fixed Length Pieces in SQL using SQL Split Function

 tutorials Windows 9 Release Date for First Public Available Download

 tutorials Execute Stored Procedure passing Parameter value to another Procedure

 tutorials Full-Text Search in Different Languages on SQL Server

 tutorials SQL Duration Calculation for Total Downtime per Month

 tutorials Create Composite Primary Key with Multiple Columns in SQL Server

 tutorials How to Find Output Determination Procedure for a Billing Document

 tutorials How to Export IDOC as Excel and Save as Local File from WE02 Transaction

 tutorials Get List of Database User Role Memberships for All Databases in SQL Server

 tutorials How to Find User Exits in ABAP Codes of SAP Transaction

 tutorials DBCC PAGE to Display Contents of Data Pages in SQL Server

 tutorials Create Store Procedure that will Run in All Databases

 tutorials Leap Year Function in SQL Server

 tutorials Incorrect Function Setup Error during SQL Server 2014 Installation

 tutorials Prevent Duplicate Rows in Table using Merge in SQL Trigger

 tutorials ABAP Shared Memory Objects Tutorial with Sample ABAP Code

 tutorials List of SQL Servers using sqlcmd Utility

 tutorials Create Scheduled Job using SAP SM36 Transaction

 tutorials Error = [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Unable to open BCP host data-file

 tutorials Create Sales Order, Delivery and Billing Document in SAP

 tutorials ABAP Tutorial for SET and GET PARAMETER ID Command

 tutorials Unicode Character Problem in IFS File Interface

 tutorials Read Pricing Condition Text using ABAP in SAP Sales Document Output

 tutorials Windows Phone 8 Accent Colors List

 tutorials How to Create Cycle Tile Programmatically in Windows Phone 8 App

 tutorials New Windows Phone 8 Features

 tutorials Export SAP Data to Fixed Length Text File

 tutorials sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats to Rebuild Index or Reorganize Index on SQL Server Database

 tutorials How to Detect Windows Phone Accent Color Programmatically by Code

 tutorials How to Detect Active Windows Phone Theme by Code in Windows Phone 8 App Code

 tutorials How to Launch Built-in Apps from Windows Phone App code using LaunchUriAsync

 tutorials Windows Phone Launcher Tasks List for Windows Phone 8 App Development

 tutorials Get Proforma Invoice from Commercial Invoice in ABAP

 tutorials How to Send Email using EmailComposeTask in Windows Phone 8 App

 tutorials Drop SQL Server Check Constraint without Constraint Name

 tutorials Add Class Library Reference to another Project in Visual Studio 2012 Solution

 tutorials WebBrowserTask Windows Phone Launcher to Open Web Browser and Display URL

 tutorials Deploy Windows Phone 8 App to Test Device within Visual Studio 2012

 tutorials Register Phone for Windows Phone 8 App Development

 tutorials Query XML in SQL Server for Different Hierarchy Levels using Cross Apply

 tutorials Best File Recovery Software and Undelete Files Tools

 tutorials Add SQL Server Unique Constraint on Multiple Columns

 tutorials Windows Phone 8 App Development Tutorial - Quick Start

 tutorials Download Windows Phone SDK 8 for Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Phone Emulator

 tutorials Windows Phone 8 App Development: A Quick Start Guide

 tutorials Free Mind Mapping Apps for Windows Phone 8

 tutorials Exam 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with Javascript and CSS3 Certification Exam

 tutorials Calculate Age in Excel using DateDif Excel Function

 tutorials Javascript MultiDimensional Array in Javascript Array example codes

 tutorials HTML5 Game Development: Lights Out Game with Javascript

 tutorials Microsoft Surface Tablet PC

 tutorials Select from Stored Procedure in SQL Function using OpenQuery

 tutorials Samsung Series 7 Slate Tablet PC for Programmers

 tutorials Export Data to Flat File using SSIS Package

 tutorials xSQL Data Compare – data comparison and synchronization tool for SQL Server

 tutorials SQL Server Activity Monitor Tool for Database Administrators

 tutorials SQL Server Reporting Services: Create Data-Driven Subscription

 tutorials Microsoft Security Essentials Download For Free Antivirus Protection

 tutorials How to Create Master Project, SubProject in Microsoft Project 2010

 tutorials How to Create OLAP Cube using Business Intelligence Development Studio

 tutorials Exam Review 70-178 Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects

 tutorials Windows 7 Touch Screen Software and Compatible Applications

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