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Greenplum Data Warehouse and SQL Development on Greenplum Database

This section includes Greenplum Data Warehouse tutorials and resources

Pivotal Greenplum Database

List of articles and resources in the Greenplumtutorials section

Display Greenplum Database Table Distribution Key and Data Distribution

List Column Store Tables in Greenplum Database using Data Storage Types

Collect Statistics About Greenplum Database Tables using Analyze and AnalyzeDB

How to Install AWS CLI on Greenplum Cluster Node EC2 Instance

Generate SQL DDL Create Scripts for Greenplum Database Objects using pg_dump Utility

SQL Query for Rows Count of All Tables on Greenplum Database

Remove Duplicate Rows in Greenplum Database Table using SQL

Connect Pivotal Greenplum Data Warehouse to SAP HANA Database using PXF

Connect Pivotal Greenplum Database using DataDirect JDBC Driver on DBeaver

Connect to Exasol Database from Greenplum using PXF Extension Framework

Connect SQL Server to Greenplum Database using Linked Server

Create Greenplum ODBC Data Source

Connect SQL Server Database from Pivotal Greenplum using PXF

Download and Install Progress DataDirect ODBC Driver

Check Pivotal Greenplum Database Version

Install Pivotal Greenplum MPP Data Warehouse on Amazon AWS Cloud

Greenplum Tutorials

Greenplum Database Articles

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