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Match Purbles Game
Match Purbles Game

How to Choose Class of your Neosaur in Neosaurs Game

One of the most important decisions in Neosaurs game for a player is to choose class for your Neosaur. There are three Neosaur classes in this browser game to choose for Neosaurs players. These Neosaur classes are Rex, Cera and Ptera.
For choosing the class that your Neosaurs will evolve to, you have to learn strengths and weaknesses of each Neosaurs class.

In the Neosaurs game, when your Neosaur gets out of the egg and is born, it will start exploring the Sauria world as a Hatchling. A Hatchling or a Baby dinasour will be able to use skills from all three Neosaurs classes, Rex, Cera and Prera. As being a Hatchling or baby Neosaur, you will buy skills fot your Neosaur from Baby Skill Trainer Didi. Didi can teach and upgrade your Neosaur's skill with skills from 3 classes. Up to skill level 10, you will have the enough time to try all skills from three classes and have time to decide the class that your Neosaurs will evolve to. When the Neosaurs level reaches skill level 10, you will be able to choose Neosaurs class for your Hatchling's evolution.

Features of Neosaurs Classes in the Neasaurs Game

Let's get in details of each Neosaurs class for a better decision in choosing class for your Neosaur.

Rex Neosaurs Class

Rex Neosaurs class has high damage capacity actually the best attack features among the Neosaurs classes.
Rex has also a very close good defense capability like a Cera Neosaurs.
A Neosaurs from Rex class also owns the secret of fire magic.
If you want to go to a dungeon and fight with dungeon montsters, Neosaur from class Rex will best suit such quests.


Character features of a Rex :
Attack Form : Rex class specializes in Fierce Fangs and Claw attacks.
Attack Distance : Rex class Neosaurs are effective in Short Distance Attack.
Magic : Fire Magic.

Cera Neosaurs Class

A Cera Neosaurs class has a tough defense and high HP and are like armored tanks in a battle field.
Cera Neosaurs shows the best defense characteristics among all Neosaurs classes.
A Cera Neosaur can fight with high damaging Dash Attacks.
The Cera class owns the Earth magic.
They are good party members when task is to damage a dungeon monster. But their Magic capabilities are week when compared with others.


Character features of a Cera :
Attack Form : A Cera class specializes in Head and Horn attacks.
Attack Distance : Cera class Neosaurs are also effective in Short Distance Attack.
Magic : Earth Magic.

Ptera Neosaurs Class

A Ptera Neosaurs class has a powerful Ranged Magic with long distance attack capabilities
The Ptera class Neosaurs has very strong support skills with healing skill for itself as well as friend companies.
They have and amazing magic power using the Wind Magic and Water Magic.
Although their attach will not be as powerful as attacks of a Rex class, they have the best healing skills and best Magic skills among all Neosaurs classes. You can add the capability of flight with staying away from the danger.


Character features of a Ptera :
Attack Form : A Ptera class Neosaurs specializes in strong magic attacks and healing.
Attack Distance : Ptera class Neosaurs are able to manage a Long Distance Attack.
Magic : Water Magic and Wind Magic.

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