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Object Type IFGOSASERV is not Defined

While controlling import logs for a transport request on SAP, I see "Object type 'IFGOSASERV' is not defined" as the reason of RC=8 case

Object type 'IFGOSASERV' is not defined
Errors occurred during post-handling SWO_OBJTYPE_AFTER_IMPORT for SOBJ L
The errors affect the following components:
 BC-DWB-TOO-BOB (Business Object Builder)

In development system, I launched ABAP transaction code SWO1 for Business Object Builder tool.

SWO1 tcode SAP Business Object Builder

When I entered IFGOSASERV as the interface name and click on Display button, I can see that on development SAP system the interface exists.

IFGOSASERV Application Enhancement of Generic Object Services

To my surprise when I switched to test or production SAP systems, I could not find the same business object interface IFGOSASERV

Object type 'IFGOSASERV' is not defined
Message No. OL520

This is really a weird situation. Unfortunately there is not much information on the web about this issue.
ABAP programmers can read for a similar case on this discussion
But I could not progress much on the suggested way.

Instead what I did for solution is replacing the missing business object interface IFGOSASERV with IFGOSXSERV.
This is a great work-around for illustrated case.

If you are an ABAP developer experiencing interface IFGOSASERV not available on your SAP system, you can use alternative IFGOSXSERV interface instead of IFGOSASERV.

Just open Object List of transport request causing error on SE09 tcode for example.
In Object List of Request under Business object types you can see the business object with IFGOSASERV interface.
Change the object and replace missing interface IFGOSASERV to IFGOSXSERV


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