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STMS Transport Management System to Display Transport Logs and Errors

ABAP developer can use STMS SAP Transport Management System to display transport logs for error and warnings related with transport requests occured during import process. After a transport request is released and approved for import on a SAP system, ABAP programmers can find out issues listed as warning or errors in import logs on STMS Transport Management System transaction screens.

First launch tcode STMS for SAP Transport Management System tool.

STMS for SAP Transport Management System tool

On screen menu click on Import Overview icon.

SAP Transport Management System

Choose corresponding import queue for the target domain from existing queues.
Double click on the name displayed in queue column

SAP transport request import overview

Requests for the selected target queue are listed in this screen.
Double click on the transport request name to see Object List or use F8 short-cut after you select the request.

transport requests import queue for SAP systems

On Object List of selected transport request, click on "Transport Logs" icon or use short-cut Ctrl+Shift+F2

object list for transport request

When transports logs overview for the active request is displayed, ABAP developer is able to see errors and warnings. It is also possible to see details of the errors for further investigation on the issue.

transport logs, error or warnings during transport request import


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