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CRM Customer Relationship Management Resources and Tutorials

CRM Companies List

In this CRM resources article, CRM professionals can find the most updated CRM companies list for reference.

First let's remember CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.
Many companies dealing with large number of customers go through CRM implementation according to their requirements. Every enterprise builds their own customer CRM strategy which fits as best CRM strategy for themselves.

Before choosing a Customer Relationship Management software package of popular CRM software development companies, enterprise companies must well define their requirements what they expect from CRM software solutions.

Here is a short list of CRM companies. Many of you already know those companies because of their positions in the CRM software solutions market with their own CRM software packages.

Top CRM Companies and Top CRM Software

. Microsoft with CRM software package named Microsoft Dynamics CRM
. Oracle Corporation with their Oracle CRM Software package
. SAP AG, the biggest ERP Software company with its CRM Software package MySAP CRM

The above list including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft CRM software solutions will probably have higher costs when compared to small business CRM software packages or to open source CRM software solutions. But the biggest enterprise companies' preferences are using a solution from the above list.

And following these giant software companies, the most well known software companies in the world, there are CRM software expert companies like :

. PeopleSoft
. Siebel Systems
. CDC Software with Pivotal CRM solution

(I have worked on Pivotal CRM software package once for a period of two years :)

Besides these top companies in Customer Relationship Management CRM Software business, there are many other software development companies working on different CRM software packages in different sizes and so serving CRM software solutions for different Customer Relationship Management requirements in the small business.

Here is the full list of CRM software companies that are considerable :

. Salesforce with Salesforce CRM, providing web-based Customer Relationship Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
. Pegasystems with Pega CRM software solution
. SugarCRM with open source CRM software SugarCRM (as well as PRO editions)
. Sage with Sage CRM solutions


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