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SAP Tools List - SAP Tools for SAP Admins, ABAP Developers and SAP Users

Additional SAP tools developed by companies other than SAP extend the functions in a SAP system to ease the daily work of ABAP developers, SAP users and SAP professionals.

SAP systems are being used as ERP, MRP, CRM and HR solutions in many global and big companies for long years.
And many SAP tools have been developed and introduced for use of SAP ABAP developers, and SAP Basis Administrators.
I want to note down a short SAP tools list and give short definitions of each SAP tool here.

Here is the names of a few SAP tool which belong to a wider range of SAP tools.

SAP Lumira

Although SAP Lumira Analytics tool is a product of SAP, I'ld like to add this marvellous and smart business intelligence tool in to this SAP tools list.
SAP Lumira enables business users easily to create smart and fancy reports and if desired share them on a reporting portal for other users.
Besides, SAP Lumira Analytics tool has a free trial and free personal use edition SAP Lumira Desktop for report creators. Of course this free edition has limited capabilities but still can be used to create visual reports with data from Excel or text files, etc.
On the other hand, the registered version of SAP Lumira has the capability to connect to SQL Server, SAP HANA, or other SAP ERP systems, BW systems, or Hadoop data sources, etc.

Accenture Clone&Test

Accenture Clone&Test is a test tool for SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financials objects from Accenture Accenture Clone and Test

ABAP Tips.chm

ABAP Tips.chm is a compiled help file for ABAP developers. ABAP developers can free download ABAP Tips guide from http://www.henrikfrank.dk


SAP-Tables.exe is an SAP Tables Reference file from http://www.sap-img.com

Table Wizard 2.1 se16XXL

Table Wizard 2.1 se16XXL is an extended version of the SAP transaction SE16.
Table Wizard 2.1 SAP tool can be easily used by ABAP developers who want to get detailed and combined information on one screen about the SAP database tables.
Table Wizard is a SAP tool released by TOP FLOW company.
You can get detailed information about this SAP tool Table Wizard 2.1 se16XXL at the company products' pages.

HawkEye APOD

HawkEye APOD is a SAP tool for ABAP developers from Code Excellence. This ABAP tool helps ABAP developers to detect and eliminate bugs in ABAP code.

CT-Codeview & Analyzer 3.0

CT-Codeview & Analyzer 3.0 ABAP tool enables visualization of ABAP code which enables ABAP code review and analyze easier for developers. Developers can get more details about this SAP tools from product page.

AboveSoft Utilities 2009

An other SAP tool for ABAP Developers and SAP Administrators is the AboveSoft Utilities 2009 from the AboveSoft.
This tool for SAP includes sub SAP tools named AboveSoft Analyzer for detecting performance problems.
This performance tool also includes an OPEN SQL Optimizer for your OSQL queries in ABAP codes.
There also exists an other SAP tool named Adaptive Estimator which helps basically in caluculation of development efforts in time and expenditure.
One last tool for ABAP developers from AboveSoft is the BIG Code Generator which can be used to generate Batch Input interfaces and BAPI-based interfaces.
If you go to the company web site, you can find a 15 day evaluation package available for download and free use.

Performance Trace

Performance Trace tool is a free built-in SAP tool that comes with standart SAP installations.
ABAP developers can activate and run Performance Trace or with its known name SQL Trace tool by calling SAP Transaction ST05.
SAP Performance trace tool enables ABAP developers to monitor database access, Open SQL calls and OpenSQL commands executed on database.
It servers functions to ABAP developers to analyze performance of the SAP system.
Using SQL Trace tool in SAP, it is possible to analyze and detect locking, and trace remote calls of ABAP reports and SAP transactions.

Legacy System Migration Workbench - LSMW

The LSM Workbench (Legacy System Migration Workbench - LSMW) is an SAP R/3 based tool which enables ABAP developers to transfer data from outside SAP systems or non-SAP systems to SAP R/3 system.


SAP DB or with its new name SAP MaxDB is a free Enterprise open source database that can be used outside SAP applications.
If you are an ABAP developers and interested in MaxDB, you can download SAP MaxDB database using links given in the document.

Salt Apps

Salt Apps is a bunch of paid or free SAP tools especially for use of SAP professionals like developers and module customizers, and SAP consultants.
For detailed information about those SAP tools and for free download, please refer to Revelation Software Concepts web pages.
Version Vault keeps versions of SAP objects and enables users to browse and reach the version detail of SAP and ABAP objects.
Match Box SAP tool compares two versions of ABAP and SAP objects.
Code Ferret is a precious tool for ABAP developers which enables extended search in ABAP code.
Other SAP tools from Salt Apps are Watch Bot, Life Saver, Cold Case, Matrix and WIP Window (Work in Progress)


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