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SAP Lumira Server for Teams Setup

This tutorial shows how to setup SAP Lumira Server for Teams, installation steps and administrator screens. SAP Lumira Server enables business intelligence reports to be deployed to a central server and managed by tasks such as giving report authorizations or permissions. Reports on SAP Lumira Server can be reached via URL and these reports can be shared using this URL among business users. These deployed reports are created from different types of data sources by using SAP Lumira Desktop Edition.

In this SAP Lumira tutorial, I will share with Business Intelligence professionals how SAP Lumira Server is installed using the screenshots I had taken during SAP Lumira Server for Teams 1.31 setup.

download SAP Lumira Server for Teams If you did not download SAP Lumira Server for Teams, please visit referred document to learn where and how to download SAP Lumira Edge which is the name used previously for SAP Lumira Server

SAP Lumira

Launch setup program SAPLUMIRA6431P_1-20009491.EXE which is the server setup for version Lumira 1.31.
Allow User Account Control to let installation program to make changes on the machine.

run SAP Lumira Server for Teams installation program
SAP Lumira

When the setup wizard is launched the first screen requests the installing user to accept the license agreement.

SAP Lumira Server for Teams license agreement
SAP Lumira Server for Teams License Agreement

The next step in Lumira Server installation is determining the destination folder on the disk for setup and administration password.
Business intelligence developer can install the Lumira Server binaries into desired file folder using the explorer.
Additionally, the Lumira Server aka Lumira Edge configures a predefined administrative user "Administrator".
The setup user can define the initial password for the Administrator user of the Business Intelligence platform SAP Lumira Server for Teams.

SAP Lumira installation folder and Administrator password
Choose installation folder for SAP Lumira Server and password for Administrator

SAP Lumira setup will install a set of packages

SAP Lumira Server installation
SAP Lumira Server setup process

Let Windows Firewall to allow SAP BusinessObjects Binary to communicate on networks.
I configured Windows Firewall to allow SAP Lumira Server for Teams to use domain networks like workspace networks by marking the checkbox.
Press "Allow access" button for next screen.

SAP Lumira Server for Teams firewall settings
Firewall settings for SAP Lumira Server for Teams

If the setup wizard successfully completes SAP Lumira Server for Teams binaries on the server, a successfully installed message will be displayed. By pressing Finish button, the setup will be completed and the Lumira Server application will be automatically launched.

SAP Lumira Edge setup
SAP Lumira Server setup

When server is started and SAP Lumira Server for Teams application is launched, first of all the Administrator user should logon to server using the password we had just defined for administrator user.
Please let the default Authentication Type unchanged as "Enterprise"
Other options are Windows AD and SAP logons which we will talk later.

logon to SAP Lumira Server
SAP Lumira Server for Teams logon for the first time with Administrator user

After log on to SAP Lumira Server for the first time, the Administrator can see a navigation menu on the left.
This menu contains report folders "Shared with me", "Shared by me" and "All"
For example on All folder there are sample SAP Lumira reports shipped with setup program.

Other menu items are Administration, Members and Groups (used for authentication of members or users to SAP Lumira server)
Sessions and Licenses, Maintenance and Configuration.

SAP Lumira Server sample reports
Sample deployed Lumira reports on SAP Lumira Server for Teams


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