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How to Install IIS 7 (Internet Information Services) for SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

In my recent article How to Install IIS 7.0 on Windows Vista RC1 Ultimate Edition (X64), I tried to show the steps for installing IIS 7 (Internet Information Services) on a Microsoft Windows Vista RC1 system.

Later on, while installing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on the Windows Vista, I realized with surprise that the SQL Server is not aware of the IIS 7. I thought that I might be not installing some necessary modules or features of the Internet Information Services that the SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services depends on.

In the steps that are shown in the article, I did not select much features from the Web Management Tools that are more likely related with IIS 6. This time I selected all features listed below Web Management Tools.

In the World Wide Web Services features selection boxes, I selected all Common Http Features and all Health and Diagnostics features.

IIS 7 Internet Information Services

In the Application Development Features, I selected all features except CGI. Actually the selection for Application Development Features did not change this time since I did the same selection before.

IIS Application Development Features

I did not select Dynamic Http Compression, just installed the Static Content Compression under the Performance Features group.

And for the Security features group, I selected only the Request Filtering and Windows Authentication as shown in figure below. I remember that I had selected nearly all of those features in previous IIS 7 configuration.

IIS Request Filtering and Windows Authentication features

This configuration worked perfect during the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The setup wizard successfully recognized the Internet Information Services (IIS7), so I could install the SQL Server Reporting Services without any error or problem.

If you get the following error message when you browse the Reports folder "Access to the path 'Global\CLR_RESERVED_MUTEX_NAME' is denied.", try to browse the same reporting services page with Administrative rights. You can check the following blog post for more information Access to the path 'Global\CLR_RESERVED_MUTEX_NAME' is denied

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