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What is Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is the next product of Microsoft in the same of category with Windows Mobile. Windows Phone 7 is built over a new mobile operating system and has many powerful features when compared with its predecessor Windows Mobile platform.

Microsoft aims to gain market share in end consumer market with Windows Phone 7.
With its new user interface based on Tiles, Microsoft assures that the Windows Phone 7 series phones will be user friendly.
Users of these Windows 7 phones will experience as they are using their laptops beside the functionalities of a mobile phone.
The web browsing features will be just like web browsing on a PC. And will support full HTML features.
The mobile applications and the mobile phone itself will have full integration with Microsoft products like Microsoft Office, Xbox Live, Bing search engine and Zune.
Windows Phone 7 supports touchscreen features.
You can add the built-in camera, FM radio, etc on top of above listed features.
On the other hand, Windows Phone 7 does not support application compatibility with Windows Mobile 6.5

For an official Windows Phone 7 demo and detailed information on Windows Phone, please visit Microsoft web portal.

Currently mobile phone producers Samsung, LG, HTC, Dell has mobile phones for customers running on Windows Phone 7.

One of Samsung Windows Phone 7 models is Samsung Focus (TM) designed to run on on this new operating systen for mobile phones.

HTC is offering customers two models for HTC Windows Phone 7 solutions.
HTC Surround and HTC HD7 are the Windows Phone 7 phones produced by HTC.

LG Windows Phone 7 solution is in the markets with LG Quantum.
And Dell is offering Dell Venue Pro for Windows 7 phones.

Before you buy Windows Phone 7 devices, you can read the early Windows Phone 7 review and evaluations. You may also have to wait the Windows Phone 7 release date in your region.

Microsoft has recently released Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 for Windows Phone 7 development community. If you are a developer, you can download Windows Phone 7 emulator and start building new Windows Phone 7 applications. Sure that many developers will soon come to market with new Windows Phone 7 apps.

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