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Top Windows Phone 7 Apps List: All One Needs to Know

Windows Phone 7 is an operating system for mobile phones developed by Microsoft that launched in Nov, 2010. The company basically launched "Smart tiles" which deliver emails, instant messages, and social networking updates to the home screen at the same rate they receive information. Windows Phone 7 is a smarter technique to provide users the information they need in no time. Windows Phone 7 has huge number of applications for various purposes and one has to decide on the best Window Phone 7 applications he is looking for, as best Windows Phone 7 apps might be different to different users. So, everything boils down to the usability of the apps for Windows Phone 7.

In order to decide for the best Windows Phone 7 apps one needs to know about Windows Phone 7 apps. So, let�s discuss and explore about best Windows Phone7 apps. These Windows Phone 7 applications are good not only because they are free apps but they are practically usable too. Let�s see the list below.

Best Windows Phone 7 apps for Business and Productivity

1. Adobe reader

This is one of the best Windows Phone 7 apps as it opens up PDF files on the phone and can be used to see work materials, manuals, articles, and other business documents.

2. Win Milk Task Manager

This one is to store, organize, and view your notes, list, and tasks in your phone. Not only this but one can also make a free account with Remember the Milk service and sync the information to many other devices and applications like Gmail, Outlook, and Google Calendar.

3. Flashcards

This can be one the best Windows Phone 7 apps for students as it is great to prepare for an exam as you can test with preloaded topics or may create one by your own.

4. Home Pipe

This Windows Phone 7 application lets you access all your PC files on your phone. You can even set up sharing to give access to others. If you frequently require to reach your computer from elsewhere, the Home Pipe applications is right for you.

5. BrezyPrint

This may be the best Windows Phone 7 applications for those who need to do lots of faxing or printing documents. You can print via internet on your phone using BrezyPrint. But please note that the faxing requires buying credits of 10 cents for each page for this application.

6. Back Burner

This application for Windows Phone 7 retains the articles, or text that sounds interesting to you but can�t be read at the moment. This one adds it to �Read It Later account� and you can read it when you get the time.

7. My Merchant

This application allows you to bill your clients right away from the phone if you use the credit card processor, Authorize.Net. Enter it, and you get a mobile credit card gateway.

8. Social wok

Your Windows Phone 7 device, with Social Work free basic application lets you collaborate with your work team through ideas, files, messages, and Google documents.

9. Upvise

Upvise may be best Windows Phone 7 application for the business people as it helps them to grow and manage their business well through contacts, ideas, projects, sales, notes and much more.

10. eBay Mobile

This is one of the best Windows Phone 7 applications for buyers and sellers. It is easy for the buyers to check their buying activities on their Windows Phone handset and which is also easier to access than that mobile website. This one lies in top 10 Windows Phone 7apps.

Best Windows Phone 7 apps for Fun and Entertainment

11. Chess4All

This one is for Chess lovers. Windows Phone users can now play and improve upon the Chess as it highlights on the moves too.

12. Tic Tac Toe

Play this classic game with your nearby friend or on your computer.

13. Unite

Need some simple but interesting games rather than complex ones then download this Windows Phone application to pass your time.

14. Background, 10,000 Wallpapers

Do you want to change that monotonous Windows Phone 7 wall paper as you don�t like it anymore? Now, go ahead and choose from those 10,000 wall papers and give it an entire new look.

Best Windows Phone 7 apps for looking information

15. You Tube

Search and play your favorite videos on your Windows Phone now. Not only this, but also one can replay the already played videos and music by accessing to recently played videos. It is amongst the top 10 Windows Phone 7 apps for all users interest areas.

16. Poynt

This may be one of the best Windows Phone 7 applications US and Canada users as it allows them to find local places, dining, movies, and weather information. This application coordinates with the GPS to bring down the directions, contacts, and websites for the local places.

17. BBC News Mobile

This is the best Windows Phone 7 apps for the BBC News lovers. You can also share some compelling news if you want with your friends through email or SMS.

18. WeatherBug

Weather bug application has your local weather news, live weather cameras, Doppler radar, etc. This is the best Windows Phone apps for showing the local current weather conditions on the tile itself on Windows Phone home screen.

19. Realtor.com

realtor-free-windows-phone-7-applicationThis application lets one to look at huge amount of real estate listings with details depending upon on your location.

20. Netflix

netflix-free-windows-phone-7-applicationNow enjoy Netflix at your Windows Phone too with an exceptional video quality. Manage your instant queue of movies anywhere or resume your movie where you left. Netflix is also amongst the top 10 Windows Phone 7 apps. A must app for users interested in movies especially.

21. Flixter

flixster-free-windows-phone-7-applicationThis again is one of the best Windows Phone 7 applications for movie lovers. Find the local movie lists with their trailers. Read the reviews and buy a ticket if you find one interesting.

22. Slacker Radio

windows-phone-7-slacker-personal-radio-applicationThis radio service application from best Windows Phone 7 apps allows the user to listen to pre-configured stations or your own chosen songs. One can also look for artist�s biographies and reviews of the albums.

23. Last.fm

This application for Windows Phone 7 not only let you hear streaming music but also keep a track of your tastes and later on suggest more music on that pattern.

24. Flicker Manager

This application is a photo sharing service available now at Windows Phone, which can be used to manage and view you and your friends� photos.

25. Shazam

Shazam music identification that helps you to identify a track playing anywhere is on your Windows Phone handsets now. Just hold your phone and identify the track right away. It also counts in top 10 Windows Phone 7 apps.

26. 170,000+ Recipes Big Oven

This is one of the best Windows Phone 7 apps for all those out there who love to cook and eat. Find out your recipes with the ingredients so that you may buy them instantly.

Best Windows Phone 7 apps for Social Networking

27. Facebook

facebook-free-windows-phone-7-applicationThis may be one of the best Windows Phone 7 applications for those who are on Facebook all the time.

28. Twitter

Download this Windows Phone 7 app and keep in touch with your friends, coworkers or celebrities. Twitter stands in the top 10 Windows Phone 7 apps too.

29. Loopt

Discover where your friends located are and send text messages to them with your location info and much more with Loopt on your Windows Phone now.

30. Foursquare

This is an application quite similar to Loopt to locate your friends.

31. Seesmic

One of the great apps of Windows Phone 7 is to update all your Facebook and twitter accounts in case you have more than via single interfaced.

Best Windows Phone 7 apps for Tools

32. Flashlight 7

This one is a handy flash light with various colors and brightness adjustment if you need one right away and is in top 10 Windows Phone 7 apps for the same.

33. Calorie Counter BY FatSecret

calorie-counter-free-windows-phone-7-applicationWindows Phone 7 has also a great application for you to diet. Track your meals, exercise, and weight.

34. Unit converter by Microsoft

Convert the different values in no time with the Windows Phone 7 unit converter application.

35. Voice recorder

Record audio notes on your Windows Phone 7 and convert them in to WAV files for various uses using the Voice Recorder application.

Best Windows Phone 7 apps for Sports

36. Scores

scores-free-windows-phone-7-applicationGet the scores of NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB games quickly with this application for Windows Phone 7.

Best Windows Phone 7 apps for Traveling

37. Gasbuddy

Windows Phone 7 has some smarter applications for traveling as well. Quickly see the current gas prices for nearby gas stations when you are out.

38. World Clock by Microsoft

Do you want to know the time in no time for the places with different time zones then this is your Windows Phone application is your perfect answer.

39. Yelp

Windows Phone also let you Yelp to get information about nearby stores, restaurants, and gas stations if you are anywhere out of the town.

40. Translator by Microsoft

It is the best Windows Phone 7 apps for those who travel overseas quite frequently. Enter the words to translate in various languages. Check it out this Windows Phone application.

41. Currency Converter

This is another one of the best Windows Phone 7 apps for people traveling overseas to convert currencies in no time.

42. Travelocity

A famous application now on your Windows Phone handset that lets you finds info about hotel and flight. Check all flight info instantly.

The above list is not exhaustive but inclusive of best Windows Phone 7 apps. However, there are top 10 applications of Windows Phone 7 which no doubt, most of the users want to download. The 10 best Windows Phone 7 apps therefore are Adobe reader, Twitter, You tube, eBay mobile, Flicker Manager, Netflix, Shazam, Foursquare, Flash light, and Loopt. Please note that top 10 Windows Phone applications may vary all users.

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