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How Many Times Can I Activate Windows 7 - Windows 7 Activation Count

It is a common Windows 7 frequently asked question : How many times can I activate Windows 7 ?
Of course Windows 7 users want to know the answer of how many times they can activate Windows 7 automatically or manually.

Because after each Windows 7 installation, Windows 7 activation is required if there is a limit of Windows 7 activation count, Windows users fear not to be able to activate their copy of Windows 7 after subsequent installations.

The answer to "How many times can you activate Windows 7 ?" changes to your activation methods.
You might already know that you can activate Windows 7 via internet automatically or you can activate Windows 7 via phone manually.

You can activate Windows 7 for 5 times automatically

Using internet, Windows users can activate their Windows 7 installations for five times.
So you can activate Windows 7 up to five times via internet automatically.

You can activate Windows 7 without any limit using telephone activation

But, of course there is not a limit of activation count if you activate Windows 7 via telephone manually.
So if you have already completed your 5 times activation via interner, you can still activate Windows 7 for subsequent installations using phone.
This means if you purchase Windows 7, there is no Win7 activation limit for your installations.

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