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SAP Tutorial - Create Transaction Code for ABAP Module Pools

ABAP Module pools are programs in ABAP that are created and used similar to any ABAP report.
But ABAP module pools can not be executed simply by calling F8.
A module pool requires an SAP transaction code to execute and run the ABAP module pool report.

In this SAP tutorial for ABAP developers, I want to show how to create transaction code for ABAP module pool objects.

There are some alternative methods of creating SAP transaction code which are shown with examples at SAP Transaction - Create Transaction Code for ABAP Program or Selection Screen and at How to Create SAP Transaction Code using SAP SE93 Transaction.

Let's start from the first step of creating SAP transaction code for the example module pool named ZAlvGridDoubleClick which is demonstrating the double click event of ALV Grid object.
On the ABAP WorkBench in SE80 screen, right click on the module pool object in programs list for example on your local objects as seen in the below screenshot.
On the Context Menu, choose Create and then select Transaction in the sub-menu list of actions.


When the Create Transaction SAP screen is displayed, enter the SAP transaction code you want to use with this ABAP module pool.
And enter a valid short text transaction attribute to be listed on your favorites menu for example when you add this SAP transaction code to your favorites items.
Leave the default start object selection as Program and screen(dialog transaction)


The following screen in SAP Transaction Code creation process is attaching the related ABAP program.
The Program text input are is used to enter the name of the ABAP report or ABAP program.
In our case, we will enter the name of the ABAP module pool, ZAlvGridDoubleClick.
And the Screen number is the name given to screen you have created in your ABAP module pool.
Generally the screen number 100 is used by default by many ABAP programmers.
After the required fields Program and the Screen number is entered, saving the screen will create transaction code.


After the SAP transaction code is created we are now ready to use it for calling the ABAP module pools we have coded earlier.



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