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SAP Transaction - Create Transaction Code for ABAP Program or Selection Screen

In this SAP tutorial for ABAP developers, we will see how to create SAP transaction code for ABAP program step by step with screenshots.
If you want to create SAP transaction code for your ABAP module pool you can also refer to SAP Tutorial - Create Transaction Code for ABAP Module Pools for a related SAP sample.
It is also possible for SAP users using SAP SE93 transaction for creating transaction code as described in tutorial titled How to Create SAP Transaction Code using SAP SE93 Transaction.

Create SAP Transaction Code

Go to Transport Organizer menu screen and list the programs and reports that you want to create SAP transaction for.
Right click on the report of ABAP program and open the context menu for SAP program.
Choose Create > Transaction menu path on the program context menu.


The menu selections will lead you to the Create Transaction ABAP dialog screen.
For creating an SAP transaction, you can use Create Transaction SAP screen by entering the required transaction code, short text and start object type selections as seen in the below screenshot.


As you see, provide a valid SAP transaction code you want to configure for your target report or ABAP program.
In the short text transaction attributes text area, you can supply a definitive description for the transaction code you have just defined.
The last selection will point to the type of ABAP object you want to activate and process by using the new SAP transaction code.
In this SAP tutorial, our example uses Program and selection screen (report transaction) option for triggering a program among local objects.
Press Enter to continue transaction code creation with next configuration screen.

In the Create Report transaction screen continue with the below screen.


In the Program text area type the name of the program or report that you want to create SAP transaction for.
After program selection you can simply continue with Save (Ctrl+S) button click.
In the following Create Object Directory Entry screen, I choose Local Object to keep this in my test works.

Call New Transaction

Now I'm able to use SAP transaction code "Z_MyTransaction" in order to dispaly and execute report / program "ZBTR_CALL_PROGRAM" which I set as the target program of this newly created transaction code.
Type the new ABAP transaction code in the quick navigation area and press Enter.


And here is the result where the target program produces when the SAP transaction code that we have just created is called.


In this ABAP tutorial, I wanted to show how to create SAP transaction for a report or for an ABAP program for ABAP developers.
I hope as a ABAP developer, you find this how-to guide useful to create transaction code for your new programs.


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