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What is SHINE (SAP HANA Interactive Education)

What is SHINE? SHINE stands for SAP HANA Interactive Education
SHINE is an acronym for SAP HANA Interactive Education. It provides tutorials with samples for SAP HANA native development.

SAP ABAP developers can take free online course SHINE Reference for Native SAP HANA Application Development from openSAP for more information and guide documents.

I'll share some parts of the slides provided in referred openSAP course here to make the question "what is SHINE?" and its answer more clear.

SHINE started as course materials from workshop trainings (SAP HANA Native Development Workshop) for SAP HANA developers
It is the only official demo content for native SAP HANA development for programmers.

The purpose of SHINE is:
Be the reference application for native SAP HANA application development
Be a code reference
Used for educational and demo purposes
Showcases features of SAP HANA in a simple user story
Increases the learning curve of SAP HANA users

Data model of SHINE is based on the Enterprise Procurement Model (EPM) for a fictional small retail company called ITeLO

SHINE delivery consists of an installable delivery unit, code and documentation.

SAP HANA Interactive Education SHINE delivery

SAP professionals can download SHINE from Software Downloads on https://support.sap.com/patches. It is also possible to download SHINE which is public available at GitHub

Developers can also download the reference documentation from SHINE documentation

Here is the SHINE main page for SAP HANA developers, to have an idea how SHINE can help them as working examples on different topics like XSDS, CRUD, Spatial, Full Text Search, SAPUI5, OData, Fiori, CDS, etc.

SHINE SAP HANA Interactive Education


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