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What is new in SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP5

SAP Screen Personas team provides a list of enhancements for flavor editors who are creating solutions in different business scenarios in different environments.

Please check following short list of enhancements introduced with SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP5:
Adaptive Desings
Helper Guides
Best Practises

Adaptive Designs

Adaptive designs enables flavors to change their sizes automatically according to the browser size or screen size they are working on

In previous solutions where an adaptive design is requried, script editors have to track the browser size by Javascript coding and switch between different flavors with changing screen sizes by using script coding.

With the introduction of Adaptive Designs, there is not a requirement for Javascript coding by Script Editors to alter active flavor for related transaction code.

SAP Screen Personas flavor editor creates a parent flavor for the active transaction.
And then flavor editor creates additional adaptive versions of this parent flavor.
Each additional adaptive flavor is created for a specific screen size.
SAP Screen Personas automatically detects browser screen sizes and chooses the best adaptive flavor to display to the active user.

Helper Guides

The alignment of user controls on a SAP Screen Personas flavor is very important for the product acceptability, user-friendliness and professioal looking.

With Service Pack 5(SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP5), when you move a control on the flavor in Edit mode, helper guides are displayed automatically. These automatic helper guides are lines showing the positioning and alignment of the current control with respect to other controls on the Flavor Editor.

With automatic helper guides and option to snap a selected control, flavor editors can easily align controls on the screen.

Best Practises

When SAP Screen Personas flavor editor decides to create a new flavor, if a best practise exists for that transaction code, a link is displayed to the related best practise flavor in the SAP Screen Personas Flavor Gallery on the new flavor creation screen.


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