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Refresh where-used List which is not up-to-date

ABAP programmers frequently use where-used list for ABAP objects during developments and debugging. If where-used index is not up-to-date ABAP report SAPRSEUB is used to generate up-to-date where-used index for all ABAP repository objects.

Recently on test SAP system I tried to execute ABAP program SYCM_DOWNLOAD_REPOSITORY_INFO (Download Repository Infos) to see customer namespace development analysis to consider for HANA migration project.
Unfortunately after I choose the target customer namespace for custom developments on the SAP system, I got the error message:

The where-used index is not up-to-date. Please see SAP Notes 18023 and 28022 for details.
Exception of class LCX_APP

ABAP programmers can experience the same issue when they used where-used list icon for searching the place where an ABAP program is referenced, etc.

search ABAP object using where used list in SAP

In some cases you can experience that the search results don't reflect the true places where an ABAP repository object is used.

SAP professionals can refer to mentioned SAP Notes 18023 and 28022 following the links.

In such cases running the ABAP maintenace report SAPRSEUB to generate Where-Used list for all programs is an alternative. This program refreshes and provices an up-to-date where-used index for all ABAP objects including SAP and customer objects in that current SAP system.

Of course executing ABAP report SAPRSEUB takes a considerable time like from hours to days. This ABAP program takes SAP tables like DWTREE (ABAP Workbench Tree Objects), TADIR (Directory of Repository Objects), CROSS (Index of Modules Used Externally), TRDIRE (Program attributes)


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