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TVAP Item Category and SAP Table TVAPT for Text Translations

SAP table TVAP - Sales Document: Item Categories is used to store item categories and item category features to be used for each sales document line or for each sales document item. In SAP R/3 system, sales order and invoice item features are determined by the master data stored in TVAP SAP standard table for each document item.

The item category is stored in invoice table, VBRP Billing Document: Item Data SAP table in PSTYV field (CHAR field with 4 in length, Sales document item category).
In SAP sales order table, VBAP Sales Document: Item Data, the item category is again in PSTYV field.

Here are the fields of SAP standard table TVAP. The item category code field is the PSTYV field in the table.

MANDT Client
PSTYV Sales document item category
FKREL Relevant for Billing
PRSFD Carry out pricing
POSGR Screen sequence group for document header & item
PARGR Partner Determination Procedure
PSGRP Application
STULI Material structure
ASWPA Manual selection for BOM alternatives
STRUM Structural scope of a material with bill of material
EVRWR Determine cost
KOWRR Statistical values
FELDP Field selection for item
SHELL Bill of material in foreground
ERLRE Completion rule for quotation / contract
TXN08 Number of the standard text
DIAFM Dialog for short quantity
KDERL Business data allowed at item level?
TXTGR Text determination procedure
POSAR Item type
LFREL Item is relevant for delivery
ERNAM Name of Person who Created the Object
ETERL Schedule lines allowed
GWREL Relevant for weight/volume
KOMPP Form delivery group and correlate BOM components
FEHGR Incompletion procedure for sales document
SHKZG Returns item
EQMAT Material block indicator
STGAP Statistics group for the item category
KALSM Procedure for item output
SOBKZ Special Stock Indicator
CMPNT ID: Item with active credit function / relevant for credit
STRAT Form of configuration processing
STSMA Status profile
MENG1 Order quantiy for each item is limited to 1
ALEKZ Create purchase order automatically
FPART Billing plan/invoice plan type
CHAUT Automatic batch determination
EXCOP Carry out legal control for item category
SVGNG Activity category for controlling of technical objects
TYPFD Carry out variant matching
LTYPA Action when material variant determined during configuration
LTYPV Run ATP check on material variants
WKMAT Value contract material
RKTIO Response on reaching release order value in value contract
SEGAL Exclusion/Inclusion indicator for declara. to authorities
STDTE Determine date for bill of materials configuration
RDERL Rounding permitted?
EFFEC Indicator: Assign values for parameter effectivities
FFPRF Dynamic Item Processor Profile
SCHEME_RMA Repair procedure: Procedure
SCHEME_VF Variant matching procedure: procedure
FAKTF Billing form
RRREL Revenue recognition category
ACDATV Proposed start date for accrual period
UVEIB Doc. pricing procedure for incomplete export/import data
REVSP Revenue Distribution Type

SAP table TVAPT is used for item category texts for translating item categories to different languages
SAP standard table TVAP stores SAP Sales document item category master data and TVAPT table keeps translations and descriptions for various languages.

SAP item categories texts table TVAPT

ABAP developers and SAP users who wonder what is the item category description or item category text for a specific PSTYV value, they can check it using the TVAPT - Sales document item categories: Texts table.


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