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Transport Contents of SAP Table using Transport Request

ABAP programmers can transport contents of an SAP database table using transport request to another SAP system.
Especially if you store key-value pairs that will not change from SAP system to other, ABAP developers can use TVARVC database table to store key-value pairs.
Recently, I required to create such a key value pair for an ABAP program that I have developed and I preferred to transport these values as initial values using TVARVC table instead of maintaining the key values on each system.

Here is the steps to copy table contents of a database table from one system to another SAP system using transport request.

First of all, create a workbench transport request using SAP SE01 transaction.
If you already have a transport request including related development object, it is better to keep data with related developments in the same transport request.

Also a new task will be created. Change type of the task to Development/Correction.
Then double click on the task number under target transport request.
Switch to Objects tab and switch to Change mode from Display mode.

Add following information as a seperate line in the transport request objects list:
R3TR for Program ID, TABU for Object Type and name of the database table that you want to transfer its content
For this ABAP tutorial, I will use TVARVC database table.

add sap table into SAP transport request to transfer table contents

Press Enter

After the record is added to the transport request objects list, you will see a key in Function column.
This button enables developers to choose data content using table key values.
Click on the Key icon.

select table data using key values to transfer in transport request

An empty table will be displayed.
Double click on the empty row.

copy table data into SAP transport request

After ABAP programmer double-clicks on the empty list, a list showing key columns for the related SAP table, TVARVC will be displayed.

SAP table keys

Enter values that will match to your data transfer requirement.
For example, following will match to a single row in my database table TVARVC although I did not completely provide table key values.

select table data for transport request

You can cover all data that you want to transport into another SAP system, by defining more than one lines in the list.

select table data using wildcard characters into transport request

It is important to note; only a single "*" can be used.
For example from the first column to following columns in order, if you provide full value, enter "*" for the first column value that is empty.
Do not enter any value for the other columns coming later in the list.

If you provide a partial value of the column, you cannot provide any filtering criteria for other columns.

transport ABAP table contents using SAP Transport Management System STMS

Maybe programmers can also refer to Transport ABAP Table Contents Between SAP Systems for an other example


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