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Search ABAP Objects in SAP Transport Requests and Tasks

ABAP developers frequently search for objects in transport requests or tasks using SAP Transport Organizer Tool. SAP programmer can search for requests containing specific ABAP program, report, table, view or class, etc using Tranport Organizer Tool as shown in this ABAP tutorial.

I sometimes use this tool and search for requests or tasks which contain an ABAP program in order to understan which other ABAP data dictionary objects I've included in the same transport, etc for SAP development deployment health.

To find the tranports requests and tasks where an ABAP object is included, first of all an ABAP developer should call SAP transction SE09 Transport Organizer or SE01 Transport Organizer (Extended View) tcode.

SAP Transport Organizer transaction
SAP Transport Organizer SE01 or SE09 transaction screen

Then on top menu follow menu selections: Goto > Transport Organizer Tools
This selection will display Transport Organizer Tools where a bunch of useful tools which are related with modifying tasks or requests and included objects can be found.

When Transport Organizer Tools is displayed, drill down in the tools list on the screen. Under Objects in Requests click on Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks

search for objects in requests/tasks using SAP Transport Organizer Tools
Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks using SAP Transport Organizer Tools

On the below search screen according to the type of the object ABAP developers will search for, enter the object name in the textbox and mark the corresponding checkbox for that item.

For example, I am searching for an ABAP View object in below screenshot.

search for ABAP objects in SAP requests and tasks
How to find SAP transport requests or tasks an ABAP object is included in

When you execute the above search screen using F8 or execute report icon, the transport requests or tasks related with the ABAP object are listed in following tables.

First table displays the list of request names and details the ABAP program, function group or class, etc is included in

ABAP requests which includes a specific ABAP object
ABAP requests list including specific ABAP objects

The second table displays the tasks list and details of the tasks, where ABAP program, function group, class, table, view, or other data dictionary object is included in

list of ABAP tasks including certain ABAP objects
The list of tasks which include certain ABAP objects

ABAP programmer can double click on the request or task for details and to see all objects included within that request or task.

Search Standard Text (SO10 Text) in Transport Requests

If you want to find the ABAP transport requests (customization requests and tasks) where a specific SAP Standard Text (SO10 text) is used, like below:

search standard text in sap transport requests
Search SO10 SAPScript Standard Text in transport requests/Tasks

ABAP programmer can use following parameters in Search for Objects in Requests/Tasks tool.

SO10 SapScript Text search in requests/tasks

Please note that, for SAPscript Text type "TEXT" as Object Type and as text name add "TEXT," in front of the SO10 text name and add Text ID and Language Key as suffix
Or simply you can search using "*text_name*" with * wildcards.


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