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SAP Systems List in Eclipse from SAP Logon Pad

In Eclipse development IDE with ABAP perspective, when I create new ABAP project I did not see SAP system connections displayed in local SAP. I want to see SAP systems from SAP Logon in Eclipse so I can easily connect to SAP ERP systems for importing and deploying ABAP objects. I am unable to connect SAP systems from Eclipse unless I create all those SAP system connection properties one by one.

Especially with SAP HANA Studio, ABAP programmers will use Eclipse development platform instead of using the classical SE80 ABAP WorkBench more in time.

By default predefined SAP system connection in SAP Logon Pad are expected to be automatically used by Eclipse IDE.
But I assume that after installing 3 different Eclipse development software versions, the System Connection list is empty without reading saplogon.ini
Here is the case.

To create a new ABAP project using Eclipse, follow below menu options:
File > New > ABAP Project

create new ABAP project in Eclipse

The system connection list is empty.
Actually, I had created one manually.
But I expected to see many. The ones that I see on my SAP Logon GUI.

empty ABAP system connection list in Eclipse

Here is a short list seen on my local SAP Logon Pad.

SAP systems in local SAP Logon Pad

Here is the work-around I applied on my case

Go to Options on SAP Logon screen.
Under SAP Local Options node, you can see Local Configuration Files and Server Configuration Files where two saplogon.ini configuration files exist.

Local configuration files

saplogon.ini local configuration file

Server configuration files

saplogon.ini server configuration file

Just copy the SAPLOGON.INI from "server configuration files" path and paste it on "local configuration files" path over-writing the existing SAPLOGON.INI file.
Before overwriting existing file, you can keep a backup of the original one.

The system connection screen has the full list of SAP connections listed in the SAP Logon GUI which are inherited from SAPLOGON.INI which is updated with full list of connection parameters.

Eclipse SAP connections list to create ABAP projects


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