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How SAP Screen Personas Improve Business Value

In OpenSAP training course on SAP Screen Personas, I take notes on business value improvements and add-ons of SAP Personas. I want to share these notes to display you a few figures how SAP Screen Personas can improve the productivity of enterprise companies and help on cost saving, etc.

Companies measure their projects' success with the outcome of a few basic figures. Let's summarize these KPI's which are mentioned in the OpenSAP course for SAP Screen Personas

Improve user productivity.

How much time are your employees spend on SAP transactions managing their daily routine tasks today? Keep a list of these basic tasks and time spent on each task to measure overall spent effort. If ABAP programmers can simplify these SAP screens, can we decrease and minimize the time spent for such tasks?

SAP Screen Personas provides a positive answer for this question. Simplified SAP transaction screens enable users to complete their tasks faster. At the end of the day, each employee will increase their productivity for the benefit of their companies.

SAP Screen Personas improve user productivity

Improve adoption of business processes

SAP Personas screens modified for simplifying current SAP transactions increase the usability of SAP solutions. This increased use of all SAP products decrease the need for third party enterprise applications. If enterprise companies retire some of their third party software they will save from licence fees as well as annual maintenance costs of these retired products.

SAP Screen Personas is free and it is a part of your SAP NetWeaver license.

SAP Screen Personas improve adoption of business processes

Reduce training costs

Today, standart SAP GUI transactions seem to be complex to learn for most of the employees in many companies.
Think about the answer of this question: How much time and how much money is being spent on SAP training in your company today?
At this point, SAP Personas provides a very handy tool for IT professionals.
Using SAP Screen Personas, ABAP programmers can provide very simple screens containing only a few entry controls, in a role based fashion. When the employees see 10 fields instead of 100 fields on the screen, they will feel more comfort during data entry on SAP Personas solutions. Like a zero training approach, a role based SAP Personas screen will do the task that employee requires nothing more tailored for him or her. This will decrease training times, training costs and increase expertize of the users on the transactions.

Screen Personas reduces training costs

Improved data quality

When a user has a lot of data entry fields and controls on a SAP transaction screen, the probability to make an error increases. Simplified SAP Personas screens enable employees concantrate on the necessary fields, disabling or hiding unncessary entry areas. ABAP programmer can provide dropdown menues for selection instead of free form text entries on data entry points. This will minimize errors, wrong data entries, increase data quality and health.

increase data quality by using SAP Screen Personas

Please watch video tutorial explaining Business Value of SAP Screen Personas for enterprise customers.


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