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Insert SAP Icons and Symbols on Smartform Documents

ABAP developers can display SAP icons or SAP symbols on Smartform outputs. For example, I know outputs where I was required to display checkbox shape on SAP Smart Forms documents. Such special symbols like empty checkbox, marked checkbox, as well as SAP icons can be easily displayed on SAP Smartform documents.

Add a new Text node onto your SAP Smartform document.

Click the Change Editor buton to continue with a more advanced text editor

SAP Smartform change text editor for SAP symbols

Follow the menu path : Insert > Characters > SAP Symbols


A long list of SAP Symbols will be displayed on the screen

Insert SAP Symbols onto SAP Smartform

SYM_PLUS_BOXbox with plus inside
SYM_MINUS_BOXbox with minus inside
SYM_PLUS_CIRCLEcircle with plus inside
SYM_MINUS_CIRCLEcircle with minus inside
SYM_FILLED_SQUAREfilled square
SYM_HALF_FILLED_SQUAREhalf-filled square
SYM_SQUAREempty square
SYM_FILLED_CIRCLEfilled circle
SYM_HALF_FILLED_CIRCLEhalf-filled circle
SYM_CIRCLE empty circle
SYM_FILLED_DIAMONDfilled diamond
SYM_DIAMONDempty diamond
SYM_BOLD_X diagonal cross (cancel)
SYM_NOTE word balloon, note
SYM_CHECKED_DOCUMENT document with checkmark
SYM_DOCUMENTS double documents
SYM_PLUS_FOLDERfolder with plus inside
SYM_MINUS_FOLDER folder with minus inside
SYM_OPEN_FOLDERopen folder
SYM_BOLD_MINUS bold minus sign
SYM_BOLD_PLUSbold plus sign
SYM_CHECKBOX selected checkbox
SYM_RADIOBUTTONselected radiobutton
SYM_LEFT_TRIANGLE triangle pointing left
SYM_RIGHT_TRIANGLE triangle pointing right
SYM_UP_TRIANGLE triangle pointing up
SYM_DOWN_TRIANGLEtriangle pointing down
SYM_LEFT_HAND hand pointing left
SYM_LEFT_ARROW left arrow
SYM_RIGHT_ARROW right arrow
SYM_UP_ARROW up arrow
SYM_DOWN_ARROW down arrow
SYM_CHECK_MARK check mark
SYM_LOCKED closed padlock
SYM_UNLOCKED open padlock
SYM_PHONE telephone
SYM_FAX fax machine
SYM_ASTERISK asterisk, *
SYM_RIGHT_HAND hand pointing right
SYM_SORTED_UP sorted ascending
SYM_SORTED_DOWN sorted descending
SYM_DELETE delete mark
SYM_WORKFLOW_ITEM workflow-object
SYM_FLASH express, urgent
SYM_LARGE_SQUARE large empty square
SYM_ELLIPSIS ellipsis (...)

How to Display CheckBox on Smartform

For example if you want to insert marked checkbox you can select it from above SAP symbols. Then marked checkbox will be shown as <697> in the text editor.

insert marked checkbox on Smartform document

You can use these number codes in order to add symbols or insert SAP symbols into Smartform output document.

Unfortunately these special symbols will not be seen neither on the SAP Smartform layout design screen nor on the Print Preview screen of the document.

In order to see the actual result, you have to print the sales document, etc then the SAP symbol will be seen on the printed paper.

Insert > Characters > Displayable Characters

insert displayable characters from system character set 4102

It is also possible to display SAP icons on a SAP Smartform output document.
If you follow the below menu selections :
Insert > Characters > SAP Icons

insert SAP icons on Smartform documents

For a full SAP icons list, please refer to ABAP tutorial SAP Icons List and ABAP Code


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