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SAP Gateway for Microsoft

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Productivity Accelerator for Microsoft aka SAP Gateway for Microsoft (GWM) is first introduced at the end of October, 2013 to close the gap between Microsoft and SAP for the interoperability between these two software application islands within an enterprise IT structure. SAP professionals can assume that SWM is the enhanced can be thought as an successor for Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP or Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP

SAP Gateway for Microsoft provides a single sign on, secure framework that developers can integrate Microsoft Office tools like Outlook easily. For example approval requests can be easily configured to be displayed among Microsoft Outlook Tasks items.

Of course, in Enterprise Business scenarios SAP Netweaver Gateway Productivity Accelerator for Microsoft can be used for developing applications on Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and other Office tools as well as custom Microsoft .NET Framework applications In short, SAP Gateway for Microsoft enables business users to access and modify SAP data from familiar Microsoft business productivity tools like Office tools.

If you are new to SAP NetWeaver Gateway productivity accelerator for Microsoft (GWPAM) concept and its features, you can read following SAP & Microsoft resources, watch videos to get familiar with SAP and Microsoft interoperability framework.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway productivity accelerator for Microsoft

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Microsoft TechNet Resources:
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One of the requirements for SAP Gateway for Microsoft is that the end user computers must be running Microsoft Office Professional 2010 or 2013.


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