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SAP Build and Splash Tool for Prototyping Apps

SAP provides free prototyping tool for developers named SAP Build and Splash tool to create a better user experience. Build & Splash tool enables developers to create or import mockups, define transitions between mockups and design fully interactive prototypes even with data which can be imported from Excel files. Build and Splash enables UI developers to create real-life applications before the app is being developed by a professional SAP UI developer.

Developers and designers can directly jump to online Splash tool and start prototyping.

SAP Build tool for prototyping Fiori like apps

Besides fast and easy prototyping features of SAP Build and Splash tool, this free design tool enables the app being developed according to the Design Thinking Principles. By desing thinking principles, designers and developers collect feedback and collaborate with their colleagues and target users to measure usability by creating studies based on prototypes and mockups created.

SAP Build and Splash tool for prototyping

What makes SAP Build and Splash tool a must design and prototyping tool for SAP developers is, Build includes built-in Fiori controls, patterns and floorplans for use of designers. For example, using Build it is very easy like a few clicks, building a master-detail SAP Fiori prototype. Simply drag-drop SAP UI5 controls on the design view which makes the prototype as realistic as it can be.

An other advantage of the SAP Build and Splash tool, developers can export and import app prototype from this free tool and import it into SAP WebIDE which generates controls and codes automatically in the new generation IDE tool for building SAP UI5 or SAP Fiori applications. Please refer to SCN article for details on step by step how to import Build prototype into WebIDE tool.


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