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SAP Output Types and Output Message Names or Text

ABAP programmers developing outputs for SAP sales documents or billing documents already know ouotput types are customized by SAP NACE transaction. If it is required to read text for SAP output message type programmatically in ABAP, developers can query SAP table T685B and T685T.

In SAP, output management is customized using SAP NACE transaction.
Here is a screenshot for Billing Output Types.

SAP Output message type customization in NACE transaction

As seen in screenshot, the output type and name for the output message type is displayed together.
Output types are stored in database table T685B table (Condition Types: Additional Data for Sending Output)

All output messages or outputs created for SAP documents are stored in NAST database table.
In NAST table there is only KSCHL field which is the output message type code without its description or text.

NAST and T685B SAP tables can be joined using KAPPL and KSCHL fields. OBJKY field in NAST table is the document number that the output is created for.

If as an ABAP programmer you are creating a report that will display SAP output message type (output type) with its description, following SAP table T685Tcan be used.
T685T table is for "Conditions: Types: Texts"

SAP output message type names

Following OpenSQL Select statement can be used to read output messages, their types and description.
Please note that I did not read any field from t685b table, but you should exclude this JOIN if you will not use it to read any data from t685b table.

INTO TABLE @DATA(lt_output_messages)
FROM nast
 ON nast~kappl = t685b~kappl AND
  nast~kschl = t685b~kschl
 ON nast~kappl = t685t~kappl AND
  nast~kschl = t685t~kschl AND
  t685t~spras = @sy-langu.


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