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Error when accessing graphic (BDS), RC = 5

Recently I experienced Error when accessing graphic (BDS), RC = 5 BDS (Business Document Service) error when I try to display a SAP Smartform output which has a logo graphic on it. First, I thought I forget to transport the image that I imported to SAP system using SE78 transaction. But later I realized that the problem is bigger than I thought. The main cause was the BDS or Business Document Service was not available on target SAP system.

This is the error message when I try to get the SAP Smart Form invoice output.

There is probably an error in the BDS

When I display the error long text, I can see the message "There is probably an error in the BDS" pointing a problem related with SAP Business Document Service (BDS)

Error when accessing graphic (BDS)

Error when accessing graphic (BDS), RC = 5
Message no. SSFCOMPOSER210

The graphic with the key (Z_SOM_UAE_LOGO,GRAPHICS,BMAP,BMON) (name, object, ID, type) should be output. The return code of the function module SAPSCRIPT_BITMAP_GET was 5.

System Response
Error message.

There is probably an error in the BDS. Create a problem message.


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