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Pretty Printer Settings in SAP GUI for ABAP Developer

SAP provides tools like Pretty Printer for ABAP programmers that they can use for more readable code and beautify their ABAP programs with a single click on ABAP code editor tools. ABAP programmers can configure Pretty Printer settings according to their preference using the Setting utilities.

ABAP developers can use Pretty Printer button to format and beautify ABAP source codes on the active object.

Pretty Printer button in ABAP workbench editor

If you have not created your own development style for formatting or if you want to change the customizing settings for your Pretty Printer Settings configuration, ABAP developers can follow the menu options for settings:
Utilities > Settings

Pretty Printer in SAP GUI menu

When the User-Specific Settings configuration screen is displayed, switch to ABAP Editor tab.
Then switch to Pretty Printer sub-tab in ABAP Editor configuration tool.

ABAP Editor Pretty Printer settings

Make your choices and approve changes by pressing OK button at the bottom of the screen. Then as an ABAP programmer you can change the formatting style of your source codes with one click using Pretty Printer.

Using Indent will result more readable code by indenting in and out useful to recognize structures like ABAP Loop and IF clauses, etc.

For upper/lower case use or using the ABAP keywords uppercase or lowercase will beautify your ABAP code and bring it to a standard look.


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