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SAP Personas Error: SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED termination RABAX_STATE

While developing SAP Screen Personas flavor with table or grid displaying data, SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED error occured with P1=11 termination RABAX_STATE, 500 SAP Internal Server Error. Although the original application or transaction is working fine without any ABAP error on Windows GUI, I experienced SAP system core dump with Rabax_State termination.

I faced following ABAP dump on SAP Screen Personas flavor.

SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED occured. P1=11 (termination: RABAX_STATE)

500 SAP Internal Server Error
ERROR: Error SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED occured. P1=11 (termination: RABAX_STATE)

When I debug SAP Screen Personas flavor, I found out that the grid refresh (cl_gui_alv_grid->refresh_table_display) was causing the system core dump on SAP. The following code was problematic with SAP Personas GUI although it runs successfully on SAP Windows GUI.

CALL METHOD gr_grid->refresh_table_display
  is_stable = ls_stbl
  i_soft_refresh = gc_x
  finished = 1
  OTHERS = 2.

This code is executed after the user presses a search button on the layout and makes a search in the database. When the results are fetched, the grid is refreshed using refresh_table_display method of cl_gui_alv_grid class.


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