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OK Code is missing on SAP GUI for HTML Belize Theme

If you are using default Belize Theme on your SAP HANA system, when you launch your SAP Screen Personas solution on HTML GUI you will not see the OKCode field by default. The missing OK Code field where you enter transaction code and by pressing navigate to SAP screens can lead you to use SAP Menu or Favorites. Fortunately, although it is like a hidden gem you can configure OK Code field visibility by hiding or enabling it easily.

If you are running SAP S/4HANA 1610 and want to enable Belize theme on SAP GUI for HTML, you can refer to SAP tutorial Enable Belize Theme for SAP Screen Personas on Web GUI

This is the SAP Blue Crystal theme. On the top left part of the sceen, you will notice the OK Code field where you enter transaction code for navigation.

SAP Blue Crystal theme on SAP Web GUI for HTML

And here is the Belize theme on SAP GUI for HTML. SAP Belize theme enables a SAP Fiori look and feel and improves the user experience on Web GUI screens. On addition to Belize theme, if you create SAP Screen Personas flavors to simplify transaction screens, this will create a Fiori similar solution using Personas.

Please notice that the OK Code field is missing, you will not see the transaction code entry field used to navigate between transactions.

SAP Belize theme on S/4HANA Web GUI

On Belize theme on SAP GUI for HTML, there is a toolbar.
Click on More > GUI Actions and Settings > Show OK Code Field

enable OK Code field for transaction entry on Belize toolbar

When Show OK Code Field is marked, on toolbar a textbox field to enter target transaction will be displayed.

SAP OK Code field on Belize toolbar


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