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ATC Check: Missing use access for usage of DTEL DDLNAME

In regularly executed ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) checks, on my list I had a few entries with priority 1 with details as seen below

Package Violation - Error - Missing use access (USEM).
Missing use access for usage of DTEL DDLNAME.
The package /KODYAZ/SOM_TOOLS_DATA of the client object FUGR /KODYAZ/SOM_TOOLS_DATA
does not have sufficient use access to use the development object
Cannot be hidden using a pragma or pseudo-comment

Missing use access for usage of DTEL DDLNAME

When I clicked on the ABAP object name in the ATC results list for this Package Violation error, I see that this error occurred where I used DDLNAME Data Element as an input parameter data type in an ABAP Function Module definition.

DDLNAME data element causing ATC check package violation errors

Although I could see that DDLNAME (Name of a DDL Source) and DDDDLSOURCE (DD: DDL Source) data elements are exposed using interface DDLS_PUBLIC_ACCESS of package SDDL. Since, SDDL packace is created under SDICTIONARY_MAIN package as a subpackage and ABAP developer used DDLNAME data element in a custom package, for the correct interface we should interfaces from top-most package interfaces.

ABAP developers can use DDIC_MAIN_PUBLIC package interface from SDICTIONARY_MAIN package to prevent "Missing use access for usage of DTEL DDLNAME" package violation errors.

add package interface in use accesses for ABAP package

I got another similar problem for an ATC check error for data element RLMFW_FLAG.
Here is what I got in the ATC check error.

Package Violation - Error - The used object is not visible (NVIS).
Object used, DTEL RLMFW_FLAG, is not visible.
The development object DTEL RLMFW_FLAG (package RLMFW) used in CLAS /KODYAZ/ZMATERIAL is not contained in any (visible) package interface.

You can find some other missing use accesses below might be easier for de developers to identify the required public package interfaces.

Missing use access for usage of DTEL OUTPUT_DEVICE.
Add _VD_PDF_REL interface from package VD_PDF

Missing use access for usage of DTEL FPCONTENT.
Add SAP Form Processing (Public) interface SADB_SADF_SAFPX from package SADB (one of Superpackages of SAFPX)

The package does not have sufficient use access to use the development object DTEL CU_CHARC (package CUX_GEN).
Add package interface AP_CBASE_GEN from package CBASE_GEN which is one of Superpackages of CUX_GEN

Actually, I checked for a package interface where data element RLMFW_FLAG is exposed as public.
Unfortunately I could not find a package interface so I had to replace RLMFW_FLAG with another data element, for example I used FRM_FLAG data element which resolved ATC check package violation error.

Development Object DOMA INT6 (package FIMA)

Another error related with use accesses was because of I used INT6 domain from FIMA package. The error in ATC check was reported as follows:

The package zzz of the client object DTEL zzz does not have sufficient use access to use the development object DOMA INT6 (package FIMA).

FIMA package has a package interface named FIMA_GEN_DEF.
But it is not possible to use FIMA_GEN_DEF package interface directly since FIMA has a superpackage named FS_FIM. And the package interface FS_FIM_INTERFACE_MAIN from FS_FIM superpackage can be used to resolve INT6 domain related ATC error.


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