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How to Clear Web Dynpro Cache

To clear Web Dynpro cache, ABAP developers creating SAP Web Dynpro applications use WDY_WB_VD_SH_MEM_BUFF standart ABAP report. While making changes on the SAP Web Dynpro application code and testing on the web browser frequently, for accurate results you have to clear Web Dynpro cache. Otherwise if you don't clear cache, previously stored code in cache will execute causing unexpected results which differ than the programmer has already coded.

After the developer activates new SAP Web Dynpro application code on SE80 using Web Dynpro Explorer, open a SAP session and call SE38 transaction. Then execute the standart ABAP report WDY_WB_VD_SH_MEM_BUFF which cleans up Shared Memory and Shared Buffer for the old entries of SAP Web Dynpro View Designer.

clear SAP Web Dynpro cache

ABAP program WDY_WB_VD_SH_MEM_BUFF will let the SAP Web Dynpro developers to execute the most recent code on web browser and get the correct results.

clear SAP Web Dynpro cache using ABAP report WDY_WB_VD_SH_MEM_BUFF

ABAP programmers will realize that the changes on code is not reflected on the execution of a Web Dynpro if they are working on a Web Dynpro component continuously. When they debug the Web Dynpro code, generally the outcome shows us that the running Web Dynpro code is coming from cache. So the ABAP developers has to clear Web Dynpro cache before testing an updated application. You can use the ABAP program WDY_WB_VD_SH_MEM_BUFF for the task to clear cache.


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