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Display Local Objects List of SAP User from ABAP Table

SAP programmers can get local objects list from ABAP table TADIR Directory of Repository Objects by filtering DEVCLASS package field and AUTHOR Person Responsible for a Repository Object fields. Filtering on TADIR table enables SAP users to get the list of their own local ABAP objects created on that SAP system easily.

Using SE11 ABAP Dictionary transaction, type TADIR in database table name input field.
Then display the ABAP transaparent table TADIR, Directory of Repository Objects which keeps an entry for all ABAP repository objects in the SAP system.

ABAP Repository Objects table TADIR

Display the contents of the TADIR table with Ctrl+Shift+F10 shortcut or by pressing the Contents command icon

Type your SAP user name in Author field in filter screen. And as DevClass package filter criteria type $TMP to list local ABAP repository objects.

list local objects in TADIR ABAP table for specific SAP user

Execute the query for the final list of local objects for the selected user pressing F8 shortcut key or Execute icon

display local ABAP objects list for SAP user

Here is ABAP codes to select list of local ABAP objects for the current SAP users from TADIR table.

SELECT * FROM tadir INTO TABLE @DATA(lt_local_objects)
 WHERE author = @sy-uname
 AND devclass = '$TMP'.
LOOP AT lt_local_objects REFERENCE INTO DATA(lr_local_object).
 WRITE:/ lr_local_object->pgmid,


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