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How to find where a Message is used in ABAP Programs

This SAP tutorial shows to find where a message is used in ABAP codes. ABAP Message Classes are used for handling error messages, success or information messages.

Assume that you have experienced an error message: "Error while persisting Central Configuration Changes" with SRT 435

First find the package of the ABAP Message Class
When I search the message with message code I found the hierarchy of the message class and its structure in ABAP dictionary as follows.


Another way is to launch SAP transaction code SE91 Message Maintenance.

SAP SE91 tcode for message maintenance

Launch SE80 and display the package in which the message class is created.


Double click to open the message class in editor.
Switch to Messages tab.
Highlight the error message you were searching for
Click on Where-Used List button.


Mark all applicable for your search.


Press Execute (F8) or Enter icon to start search for ABAP message class entry in all ABAP codes filtered by using above screen criteria.

When the list is displayed, on menu icons press "Select All (F9)" . When all existence records are marked, this time press "Detail View Lines" icon to see the ABAP codes where exactly the message is used.


It is also possible for ABAP developer to search for all places where the message class is used in general.
Click on the message class name on editor then search by pressing where-used list button.


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