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How to Find SAP Role Users Assigned for Transaction Code

Recently I had to find the SAP role assigned for a transaction code and list SAP users granted authorization for that role. Using SAP SUIM transaction and querying SAP roles by transaction assignment, I could easily list the roles that can call specific tcode. Then by entering the definition of each role, I could list the users assigned for that role. This enabled me to get the list of users who are authorized for the SAP transaction code.

SAP transaction I searched was SAP Personas Administration tcode, /PERSOS/ADMIN_UI

To see the SAP roles that this transaction is assigned to, first;
Call SUIM transaction,
Then drill down on Roles node under User Information System,
Click on the execute icon beside "By Transaction Assignment"

SAP SUIM transaction for transaction role and role users

Roles by Complex Selection Criteria screen will enable you to provide the transaction code as a filtering data. When you enter the tcode execute report using F8

search SAP roles by complex selection criteria like tcode

The roles will be listed in the following screen as seen in below screenshot. As you can see the SAP transaction /PERSOS/ADMIN_UI is a part of /PERSOS/ADMIN_ROLE Admin UI role.

SAP roles list by SUIM complex selection criteria

Double click on the role to go to its definition and to see assigned users for the target role.

display SAP role and users


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