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Dynamic Programming using Field Symbols in ABAP Reports

Field symbols in ABAP reports and programming ABAP using field symbols provides flexibity to ABAP developers. A field symbol in ABAP can be considered as pointers in C programming language.

In this ABAP tutorial, ABAP developers will find a dynamic ABAP programming example using field symbols

The below field symbol sample ABAP report can be considered as a dynamic ABAP programming sample. The field value printed on the screen is determined dynamically by using the input parameter on the selection screen. After the user input is read, the field name is build dynamically with ABAP Concatenate command. Then this text field is evaluated and assigned to field symbol <fs>. Later this field symbol value is printed on the screen using ABAP Write command.


 ls_glt0 type glt0,


 p_bukrs TYPE bukrs OBLIGATORY DEFAULT 'TR11',
 p_period TYPE monat OBLIGATORY DEFAULT '11'.


SELECT SINGLE * FROM GLT0 into ls_glt0 WHERE bukrs = p_bukrs.

CONCATENATE 'ls_glt0-TSL' p_period INTO lv_txt.

* Assign text as field
ASSIGN (lv_txt) to <fs>.
*ASSIGN ls_glt0-tsl01 to <fs>.

WRITE <fs>.



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