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Design Thinking Principles SAP Fiori App for OpenSAP Course

SAP Fiori app developers can download Design Thinking Principles SAP Fiori app that I developed for the OpenSAP course Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud Develop Challange. OpenSAP provides a very well prepared and organized SAP Fiori App development course for beginners providing development and design tools that will be required. I shared in this tutorial, the download link for my SAP Fiori app and video link that I prepared for the develop challange. Developers can also find all other 220 SAP Fiori apps that are listed as the top apps list.

I have recently completed my first OpenSAP course on SAP Fiori, Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud. If you are also interested in SAP Fiori app design and development, you can take the course at Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud – 2016 Edition which managed by SAP professionals like Bob Caswell, Yoram Friedman, Oliver Graeff, Raz Korn, Ido Shemesh and Virgil Suteu.

Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud OpenSAP course

This SAP Fiori course held by OpenSAP has mentioned many ideas like design issues, prototyping as well as SAP Fiori development related issues like WebIDE online development tool, SAP HCP (SAP HANA Cloud Platform), Fiori templates, mock data, SAPUI5 and SAPUI5 controls, data binding, routes, etc.

One of the major topics in this OpenSAP Fiori app development course was Design Thinking Principles. So I decided to build a SAP Fiori app to track development of Fiori apps according to design thinking principles. For example, creating a story, building a Persona and defining the POV (Point of View), creation of UX Journey, screen mockups, creating a study to get the feedback of others on the app prototypes.

I attend the design challange and development challange of this OpenSAP course with this idea and my work shaped around the Design Thinking Principles app.

If you are developing SAP UI5 applications or SAP Fiori applications using Web IDE you can download my design thinking principles app project and import to your workspace to run it with mock data.

download Download Design Thinking Principles SAP Fiori app project.

My application Design Thinking Principles app is honored by being selected as one of the top 220 apps developed in the course for the develop challange.

top Fiori apps developed in OpenSap course

If you are wondering what other Fiori applications were designed and developed during the OpenSAP course Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud, please visit Top 220 Fiori Apps from the Develop Challenge. As you see in above screenshot, for each app listed in the top Fiori apps list you will find a PDF document including story, personas, POV, UX journey, mock-up screens, study link. Besides PDF document including design artifacts, a link to video presentation hosted on Youtube and the Fiori app which is available for public access is included.


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