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ABAP Table Data Browser in ALV Grid instead of List

On SAP SE11 or SE16 tcode screens, Data Browser default settings cause table data displayed on standard list instead of ABAP ALV Grid display which has more tools and better representation of table data. Most SAP users and developers prefer to work on ALV Grid display instead of standard list display.

When ABAP developer displays SAP table using SE11 or SE16 transactions by default settings Data Browser will be displaying table data as seen in below screenshot.

SAP table Data Browser default setting in SE11 or in SE16

To use an enhanced display like ALV or ALV Grid on Data Browser will enable the developer to list data visually more attractive and use tools like exporting, filtering or sorting, etc table data easier.

To switch ALV Grid display on SE11 / SE16 Data Browser view instead of list view, ABAP developers can configure user settings parameters for Data Browser option.

On main menu, follow menu selections: Settings > User Parameters... F8

SAP settings for user parameters

Go to Data Browser tab.
If you see the table data as a list, probably your Data Browser output list settings is as follows where SE16 Standard List is selected.

SAP SE16 standard list for table output in data browser

On Data Browser tab for User Parameters, enable ALV Grid Display option and save configuration for a better list view of SAP table data on ABAP SE11 or SE16 transactions.

ABAP ALV Grid display mode in Data Browser settings

Here is the ALV Grid display of a sample ABAP table on SE11/SE16 SAP tcode screen where table data is displayed with a toolbar on the table header. Besides, the table row data and columns are displayed in a better way for the users.

SAP Data Browser ALV Grid list view

ALV Grid display is my favorite and preffered list view of ABAP table data on SAP GUI


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