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Create Search Help in ABAP for Web Dynpro Component

This ABAP tutorial shows how to create search help and use it in Web Dynpro component for a context node attribute. First developers create Search Help in ABAP Data Dictionary using SE80 then assign Search Help to context node attribute using Input Help Mode and Dictionary Search Help properties in SAP Web Dynpro component.

This ABAP tutorial is formed of two sub-headings. First part in this tutorial shows how ABAP developers can create a search help in ABAP DATA Dictionary. The second section of the tutorial is dealing with how Web Dynpro developers can use this search help for a context node attribute.

Create Search Help in Data Dictionary

Call transaction SE80 Object Navigator. In Transport Organizer tab select Package from drop down list. Find your target package where you want to create your search help data dictionary object.

ABAP development package for search help creation

Right click on Dictionary Objects Context menu Create > Search Help

create search help in SAP

Type Search Help name. Leave Elementary search help as selected option.

ABAP search help name

Search Help create screen to define a new one

elementary search help properties

Type a short description. On Definition tab, type the master lookup table name at Selection method input textbox. Click on the first empty parameter line Search help parameter cell. Press F4 for possible entries or click on the F4 icon displayed when you click on the cell.

search help parameters in ABAP data dictionary

Double click on the field name you want to export to input text which is dislaying this search help. Mark the search help parameter as export.

ABAP search help export parameter

Add all other desired fields but mark this time as import parameters

ABAP search help import parameters

Enter the position number you want to see the field values in hit list using the LPos entery field. If you try to activate Search Help without hit list, you will get an error preventing the successfull activation of Search Help data dictionary object. Position in the hit list of an elementary search help Position of the parameter in the hit list.

Save and activate

Use Search Help in Web Dynpro Component for a Context Field

If you are going to use this Search Help on a Web Dynpro component, open component controller. Go to Context tab. Drill down the context node until you find the target field. Open properties of the attribute. There is a dropdown box at Input Help Mode property. You will see Dictionary Search Help. Change it from Automatic which is default to Dictionary Search Help.

Web Dynpro input help mode to Dictionary Search Help

Then enter the name of the Search Help data dictionary object which we have created in previous steps into the "Dictionary Search Help" property.

ABAP Search Help for Web Dynpro field

Save and activate your web dynpro component.

Here is the Search Help in action on a Web Dynpro web page.

 ABAP Search Help on SAP Web Dynpro page


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