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How to Create Memory Id Parameter in ABAP

In this ABAP tutorial, I want to show how ABAP developers can create memory id parameters and use in their SAP programs. It is also possible for ABAP programmers to display memory id parameter values in ABAP Debugger using special tools for system area SMEM

In an ABAP program, if you see "memory id parameter_name" and double click on parameter name, if the parameter has already been defined in SAP system following definirion screen will be displayed as a popup.

ABAP Parameter ID definition

Memory ID parameters are stored in TPARA SAP table. So ABAP developers can also query TPARA database table or use SM30 to display its contents.

In order to create new memory id parameter in SAP, launch SM30 tcode and maintain TPARA table.

create new parameter id on TPARA SAP table

Continue by pressing Maintain button

Type new memory id parameter name in SET/GET Parameter ID textbox and press Enter.
A new popup screen will be displayed to provide short description.
Enter required information and press Save

create parameters for ABAP developer on SAP

You will be requested to enter the ABAP package name for the new object.
Now the SET/GET parameter, memory id object for our report is created. Press Cancel icon to exit from the maintenance screen.

During debugging if you want to see the value of the parameter, follow below procedure:
On debugger Replace Tool by clicking on the icon /p>

ABAP Debugger options for Parameter ID

From the Tools list as seen in following screenshot, choose and double click on System Areas (Internal Only) listed under Special Tools node

ABAP Debugger Special Tools System Areas

When System Areas tool is displayed, on the second tab enter SMEM for SAP Memory (SPA-GPA) or using the list on first tab find using page down and up icons and double click on SMEM system area.

SMEM SAP memory Area for Parameter ID debugging

ABAP programmers can see the related memory id parameter is listed within the SAP memory items

SAP memory (SPA-GPA) on ABAP Debugger tool


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