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Connect to Local SAP System using SAP WebIDE onPremise

If you have installed SAP WebIDE on your local machine and trying to connect to a local SAP system for SAP UI5 or SAP Fiori development, this tutorial can help you for SAP Web IDE configuration.

To summarize, at first the ABAP developer should configure destinations for the SAP WebIDE. As the second step the proxy configuration should be modified to reach the target SAP systems onPremise.

Configure SAP WebIDE Destination for Local SAP System

Create seperate text files for each target SAP system under following folder based on SAP WebIDE installation path.

Assume that you want to connect to a local SAP system named "K0D" Kodyaz Development SAP system
Create an empty text file named K0D without ".txt" (file extension) under destinations folder.

Here is the contents of the sample destination file.

WebIDEUsage=odata_abap, odata_gen, ui5_execute_abap, dev_abap, bsp_execute_abap, odata_xs

After adding new destination files, you can first try to refresh WebIDE screen on the browser.
If the new destination is not listed, you can close Web IDE and close orion.exe and restart.

Proxy Configuration for SAP WebIDE

In addition to destinations, to connect to SAP systems a proxy configuration might be required.
Open orion.ini file which is under following installation path:

Add following http.proxy and https.proxy configuration lines into the initialization settings file.



Save orion.ini and restart orion.exe

SAP Web IDE orion.ini configuration

After you complete above WebIDE configurations and restart your SAP Web IDE tool, you should be able to see the new SAP systems as destinations

Launch SAP Web IDE using start page URL http://localhost:8080/webide/index.html probably as in my system. On Welcome screen, click on SAPUI5 ABAP Repository tile.

SAPUI5 ABAP Repository from SAP WebIDE

You will be able to see SAP system destinations in System list as follows.

SAP Web IDE destionations for local SAP systems


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